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    "Little Fury Things" makes me feel young and revolutionary. It takes me back to a time spent on front porches by the edge of the street. We lived in a house with deep trees and doors that were always open. Inside, this song scratched and crackled on the record over and over and over.. Cars drove up and over the hill and disappeared. Red lights blurred my eyes and everything smelled like charcoal.

    It really is a very nice memory..

    What memories/feelings/deja vu’s do dino songs bring for you?



    Little Fury Things reminds me of my high school.Walking from the car past the cool kids smoking with the scent of the cigs in the cold air.I go in the door and it`s darker then the outside and my eyes try to adjust.

    Sideways is me sitting in my seat in the classroom daydreaming that I`d rather be somewhere else.Probably walking to the record store ;)



    When my husband and I had just started dating, he had to go away for a few months to a recording workshop in Ohio. He left me with a mix tape of songs, one of which was Sideways. This song will always be meaningful for me.



    Sideways was one of the first few Dino songs I ever heard along with Puke And Cry,Little Fury Things,Repulsion,Show Me The Way,and Raisans.



    Tarpit always means something to mean everytime i listen to it.



    The first Dino song I ever heard was In A Jar. That song reminds me of the early 90s, which is odd because in the early ninties I was a little kid living in Thailand and was far removed from any culture that could make In A Jar remind me of the ninties. But it still has that asthetic.



    I listened to the lyrics of "green Mind" (the song) and suddenly went "woah! There’s someone out there who has the same kinda mind as me!"

    There’s a film called two hands where at the beggining one of the characters, a dead guy, is talking about something William Blake said, something like "whatever you’re goin’ through now, someone else has already been through it, and the chances are they wrote it down." I realised when I heard this song it was true.

    Have you ever noticed how the sky can seem totally black, but then once you see a star, millions of other satrs seem to appea? only they don’t actually appear you just notice them? After I heard Green Mind it was like that for me, suddenly with a lot of other Dinosaur lyrics I realised "I’ve been through this".



    "I’m waiting, please come back
    I’ve got the guts now
    To meet your eye
    Those guts are killing
    but I can’t stop now
    Got to connect with you girl
    before I forget how
    Please won’t you hang around? "

    i think we’ve all felt that before.


    teenage caveman

    not the same brings back sad memories of pining for this girl but being in such haze of pot smoking i couldn’t figure out what to do. so i’d just put on where you been and zone out.


    fata morgana

    "I know, I’ve been that way too long…"
    "It can’t be this, nothing like I pictured it…"
    "Can I tell you what’s ours? Can you tell me if I’ve gone too far… :D"



    I dont think so brings back memories of back when my parents were splittin up(2005) and i had hated my dad for that period of time and was with my mom that whole time.

    Not the same
    reminds me of before my mom went to jail (which was jan 06) and how much fun we had together before it happened. Listening to green mind makes me think of busting her out and killing all the cops in that prison. (BTW, would never happen)

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