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    I’m new to this board and Dinosaur JR as well, but I’m looking for a particular show for some friends of mine. They’re huge fans and i’d like to get them a copy of a show they went to as a festivus present.

    so i’m looking for the 7-19-05 cleveland show from the house of blues and I’d be more than willing to trade for this show but i just moved and dont have access to a burner..my mother in law (whose house i’m staying at) has windows 95 and aol 4.0, ..can you feel my pain?

    anyways, i’m wondering is someone out there has this show in audio format so that i could pass it along to my buddies

    once we move the hell out my mother in law’s house, i’ll be happy to return the favor, i’ve got about 600 shows that are wasting away in storage somewhere.

    [email protected]

    p.s. i DO realize how it looks when a new guy comes over and immediately looks for a handout…but time is running out and i’m just about out of options…thanks again



    Unless people snuck recording devices, the HOB in clevo was pretty tight on security and I don’t think anyone was taping. I was at the show and didn’t see anyone taping. If you do find someone, please let me know as well! good luck….



    thanks for the heads up, if i run across a copy and make sure and burn one for you…

    thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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