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    Bucky Ramone

    From :wink: :roll:

    J Mascis and the Fog – Valentines Day Massacre at the Black Cat, Washington,
    DC 2003

    Jenna and I had gone out to an amazing dinner at a local Brazilian Restaurant in Adams Morgan called "The Grill from Ipanima" We both had some nice beverages over a romantic dinner. The night was shaping up to be memorable.

    We left the dinner joint and cruised down to the Black Cat to catch J Mascis and the Fog. I had been prepping Jenna for a mind blowing experience and I was praying J wouldn’t let me down.

    J surfaced around 11:30 PM with his Marshall Stacks raring to go. He is really starting to look like on old hippie. And Jenna was a little taken aback. I think she was expecting him to be cute. How she came to think that I will never know, I mean the nasally whine is a dead give away. I digress. This is not an NSYNC article. I apologize.

    I helped Jenna with her earplugs (previous Dinosaur jr. and J Mascis shows had taught me well) and put mine in as burnt metal and ozone began to sizzle. J cruised right into a set that included:

    Little Fury Things
    Seemed Like the Thing to Do
    Just Like Heaven
    Freak Scene
    Out There
    They Always Come
    Tell the Truth

    Jenna was left speechless. She loved each and every song, as well as each and every note. J had won her over with a set comprising his work in Dinosaur jr. through his amazing new material with the Fog. Jenna and I were in love. J Mascis had struck both our hearts on the most amazing Valentines Day ever. Thank you J.




    hey, that’s a very creative & nice review :D
    … all the best wishes for Jenna & him :mrgreen:



    that was a good show.

    i ran into an old girlfriend at that show and it was pretty cool rocking out with her the entire set. (we used to bat heads but the noise plowing through your body makes you forget things).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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