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    Weird thing has been happening with my cd`s;a few weeks ago a cd was skipping so I looked at the cd and it had small dents in it :? I bought it new not long ago and played it several times before with no problem :? so I thought it must have been like this when I bought it;I check all my other recent cd`s to see if there was any dents in them,nope this was the only one.I can`t return it since 3 weeks after purchase is up.
    Ok,last Saturday I was playing another recent cd and it starts skipping,I take it out and look at it and there`s dents in this one! :shock: I checked this cd not long ago and it did`nt have a mark on it :? :shock: so here`s the possibilities:
    A-My CD player is causing the dents :shock: can cd players do this :?:
    B-Aliens are abducting my cd`s and doing evil experiments on them :shock: :aliensmile: :shock:

    If a third cd has dents in it soon… :evil: :( :shock:



    Well, since aliens prefer anal probing, and CD’s do not have anuses… I would have to assume that it is the CD-Player.. is there another cd-player you can play CD’s on??

    Also, are their strange sounds coming from your CD player while playing these CD’s. (of course, this would require the sound to be turned off :cry: , and what fun is listening to CD’s with no volume!!!! :wink: )

    definitely sounds like the CD player… or you have sneaky neighboorhood kids breaking into your place at night, and denting you CD’s… :slap:



    Though option A is by far the coolest, I’ll have to go with Carl and opt for B(sorry Allison.) I once had a Marantz that suddenly started deleting cd’s, so they’re
    prone(is this a word or am I just making it up?) for violence :|

    Have you by any chance dropped your player to the floor, or bumped into it lately? Has the cd tray been bent or otherwise damaged, causing it to change angle?



    Before this happened one day the cd player would`nt play at all and did make a strange noise like Carl said;it took a bang last year but I doubt it would effect it a year later :?
    The tray being off sounds like it might be the culprit;it`s only 2 cd`s so far so it`s not damaging all the cd`s but I`m watching out for the third :shock:
    I think I`ll get a discman for christmas,it`s about time I bought one.
    Thanks for your help Carl and Robert :)


    "SG" wrote:
    Before this happened one day the cd player would`nt play at all and did make a strange noise like Carl said

    I walked into the tray of my player last year, bending it slightly. This caused to refuse to read cd’s from time to time(also I sometimes had to "help" the tray going all the way in.) And after a while it would start skipping violently, or just produce strange noices as if the cd was scratching against the player. This would cause small scratches on my cd’s. So I sent it into repair where they replaced the tray. Not saying this is the case with your player, but it could very well be.

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