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    Hi, I`m new to this so I thought I`d introduce myself.I first discovered indie rock around 1990 from seing Sonic Youth and the Pixies on the old late night tv show nightmusic.I never heard music like this before,it was`nt like the pop music at that time;this was before Nirvana and top 40 at the time consisted of milli vanilli and new kids on the block.seeing Thurston and Lee thrashing around on stage was inspiring or Black francis standing around screaming TAME.At the time I was`nt even listening to rock music.I was into jazz and blues beggining in 1989 mostly out of disgust of what pop music was then.I loved and still do Miles,Coltrane,Mingus,etc.But seeing SY and the pixies was something new to me.The local college station played alot of jazz so I listened to alot of that and eventually the indie rock shows.All I really knew was sonic youth and the pixies so i was kind if lost listening to stuff I did`nt know.In the summer of 91 a programmer was complaining about a bad vacation and played some songs related to it,one of the songs was `puke and cry` by Dinosaur jr.My first impression was who is this
    guy? He had the most amazing voice,kind of lazy and laid back, kind of like Tom Petty with a sore throat! Eventually I heard some more songs like Little Furry Things,Repulsion,Show me the way.I still was listening to alot of jazz,especially free jazz which reminded me of indie rock`s dissonant moments,Sonic youth diffinitely listened to it.J`s playing reminded me of Sonny Sharrock,beautiful and noisy.It took a long time before I bought my first indie rock album but I knew it was going to be dinosaur jr.Eventully the jazz became boring to me and by the beggining of 1993 I knew indie rock was where I was going next.In march 93 I bought where you been and that was the start of it all.I became an indiehead and still love it.I do listen to jazz sometimes still.Dinosaur jr changed my view of music that noise and melody can be a powerful combination and you don`t have to listen to million seller artists to find good music.



    ‘Tom Petty with a sore throat’


    I love it. Best discription I’ve heard yet..! [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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