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    Just put this together for a friend of mine who’s never heard Dino before. I wanted a mix of early and later stuff realizing that the later stuff will probably be more his taste. I needed at least one song from every album and I left out anything that wasn’t found on an LP. Let me know what you think…

    1. Repulsion (From: ‘Dinosaur’) 3:04
    2. Little Fury Things (From: ‘You’re Living All Over Me’) 3:06
    3. Raisans (From: ‘You’re Living All Over Me’) 3:50
    4. Freak Scene (From: ‘Bug’) 3:36
    5. They Always Come (From: ‘Bug’) 4:37
    6. Pond Song (From: ‘Bug’) 2:53
    7. The Wagon (From: ‘Green Mind’) 4:54
    8. Water (From: ‘Green Mind’) 5:38
    9. Thumb (From: ‘Green Mind’) 5:38
    10. What Else is New (From: ‘Where You Been’) 5:11
    11. Get Me (From: ‘Where You Been’) 5:51
    12. Goin’ Home (From: ‘Where You Been’) 4:15
    13. I Don’t Think So (From: ‘Without a Sound’) 3:36
    14. Outta Hand (From: ‘Without a Sound’) 5:00
    15. Over Your Shoulder (From: ‘Without a Sound’) 4:52
    16. Loaded (From: ‘Hand it Over’) 3:27
    17. Gotta Know (From: ‘Hand it Over’) 4:47



    nice selection of songs, if there’s room enough I’d thrown in gettin’ rough, love the banjo! And I would probably kick out a song to fit drawerings on there because it’s just that good. not easy to see which song I’d kick though… what else is new perhaps. Oh and I’d try to make room for lung, but I guess it wouldn’t fit on a single disc.



    yeah if i was you, i’d make sure that

    in a jar
    start choppin

    were all included somehow



    It’s really hard to limit the CD to 80 minutes while including stuff from every album. As far as Start Choppin and Drawerings go, I’d include them if I didn’t have three from Where You Been already. Goin Home was the first Dino song that hooked me, I prefer Get Me to Drawerings overall but love both songs and What Else is New is my favorite song of all time so that has to be on there.



    ya cant forget quicksand. to me it shows a different side to his music.

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