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    Any key tracks people should listen to before seeing you at LouFest?

    I would just say like Living All Over Me, and always pit it against Farm or some of the new stuff. And also try to educate yourself on some of the like ’80s hardcore and some of the bands that were around in the mid- to late-’80s, and kind of think about us in relation to that. That would probably be a really good way to kind of get to us, familiarize yourself with us.

    full article: http://www.stlmag.com/Blogs/Look-Listen/August-2012/LouFest-2012-A-Conversation-with-Dinosaur-Jr/



    It’s really good to hear Murph’s perspective. The band sounds so much tighter these days than they did in the 90’s. I remember seeing them for the first time after the reunion in 2009. I was totally blown away! Couldn’t believe it was the same band from years ago. Of course it’s not, the guys are older and I only saw J play with Murph once in the 90’s. But even J’s sound had improved so much. I know there are guitarist better than him, but he is my favorite guitarist, He inspires me to play the most out of all of them.

    The quote about playing to a bunch of dad’s is seriously funny. For some reason you might think that Dinosaur Jr. would attract a bunch of depressed guys and grungy girls, but nothing could be more wrong. There have always been a bunch of real cute girls at every Dinosaur Jr. or J Mascis show I’ve ever been to, serious fans. I’m glad to see youth at the Dinosaur and J Mascis shows, they’re still connecting with people. I’m 12 years younger than Dinosaur, 35, but that’s still on the old side.

    Since Murph mentioned YLAOM, I think they should plan a YLAOM in it’s entirety tour like they did for Bug. Think it would be a success? I think it’s a no brainer, it’s every Dinosaur Jr. Fan’s favorite album. In the end we all know we love every last song, but Dino ususally plays for about 1 1/2 : (



    I voted for a YLAOM tour when they played the album at ATP but it did not happen.
    Very glad the Bug one was accepted and perfectly executed including the DVD & Vinyl documentation 🙂

    I agree 100% with that assessment of a good mix in the crowds too and I’m glad for it. Actually gives me hope in the youth that they have not all consumed the dubstep or die kool-aid. un-tiss un-tiss wub wub wub…. yesh
    Side note, I have heard both guys and girls say at these shows “I am going to have J Mascis’ baby”…. I am still not sure what to make of that but I can’t stop laughing when I think about it.

    I love that they are still playing and touring as well as doing their own things. I wonder if that sort of balance (not life balance of course but of creative outlets) would have saved the band ever breaking up. Either way we won because we have quite a catalog of great music from all the mutations and projects created on the way, some of which would not have happened without the history they had.

    They just keep putting out so much good stuff.

    Need coffee before I ramble on….


    King Tubby

    I think it’s great that they’ve plugged into a younger generation of fans — it’s what keeps them going. I have to say, though, that the crowds that came out to see them in 2005 were a hell of a lot more fun. It was mainly a 30+ crowd, getting loaded and smoking weed and whooping it up. When the crowds suddenly shifted around 2007 to being much younger, the pot smoke dissipated and there were all these very polite kids just standing stock-still during the shows. It was weird.

    Nothing could be as crazy as ’80s hardcore crowds, and though I hated all of the new rock music from the ’90s, if you look at Dino live footage from the ’90s the crowds are nuts! So much jumping up and down and mass movement. Compared to that, crowds at shows these days are pretty limp and lifeless. I wonder why? Cell phones? Post-9/11 malaise? Media over-saturation?

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