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    this is an interview with j that i stumbled across yesterday. im not sure if its been posted so i thought id post it. enjoy



    Those are great little snippets of J. I still have trouble getting over the fact that he is not under the influence of some sort of narcotic drug. I had a few heroin years of my life when I lived up north and every guy I knew on smack talked about like that. Wow, I would love to know if he sounded like that in grade school.

    My husband will have a new understanding for J after listening to the golf piece. In fact he is golfing as I write this, on the 12th, I just called on his cell to see if he would be home for lunch. He golfs with a few guys and they have a membership to some fancy club outside of Athens but they always want to play at the "Crappier" greens because as J says in this old interview, everyone is smiling and happy. My husband is Colombian with long hair, and he does get some looks at the "club"

    He also will appreciate that J says that he is not really that good when it comes to golfing. My husband says the same, some days he comes home just hysterical with laughter over the days score.
    When I ask him what he likes best about it, he says it is relaxing and just as we do when we dream, in some ways he works out pieces of his life while playing. I had fun listening to this stuff while cleaning house.



    I was on that show :)


    I was on that show

    how ? where ? what’s the story ? were you talking about the website ? :D



    J’s voice sounds not so different from interviews from 91, but he sounds a bit like Ace Frehley at times.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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