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    Where can i find the song Oreo?
    According to the Zeta Acoustic Sessions from 2000, Oreo is a song Louise and Nina played live a few times during their first tour – its about Nina’s friend who was at "fat camp" in Texas and these Mexican dudes would come over with truck full of Oreos in exchange for sex. They played it at a show where J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. was present, and according to Louise, there were about 10 people in the crowd, and they were on stage sucking, with hecklers abound. They launched into Oreo and Jay’s friend who was heckling them goes, "lose it!" and they never played it again. There are no known recordings of any shows that feature Oreo in the setlist.

    from this webpage here:
    http://verucasalt.proboards2.com/index. … 1030482178

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