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    Anything by "wankers of the month" ™ Feeder really making me angry right now. And I mean really angry… Not since the garbled nonsense of ex-pats Bush jibbered their way through the rot that was Swallow ("Just want to be myself, he said that he would love to try some, he said he would love to die some, in the middle of a world on a fish hook, you’re the wave, you’re the wave, you’re the wave" – what the hell is he talking about, just coz Malkmus gets away with it, then you and Blur and everyone else think you’re being clever and abstract die die die die die die) – has someone’s lyrics so annoyed and insensed me to extreme violence. (sorry about the long sentence, but felt that it all needed to be un-punctuated, such is my rage).
    Example of Feeder kack….
    "he’s got a brand new car
    looks like a jaguar
    it’s got leather seats
    it’s got a cd player, player, player, player
    But I don’t want to talk about it any more"

    talk about what you [email protected]?)*ing prick. Why the f*&k is that song called Buck Rogers, it’s got about as much to do with the world’s favourite time-travelling spaceman as my f*&%&ng aunt – which in case you didn’t guess, ain’t a f*&%$ng lot!

    Thus endeth my rant for the week. Anyone else get so uptight with dreadful lyrics or bands? I know this is similar to the "worst songs" posts, but I have steam coming out of my ears at the moment, and needed to "vent spleen".



    I like Blur.



    Each to their own, Malky, but I don’t think you have had as much press exposure about them over there.

    "I got my head checked
    by a jumbo jet
    it wasn’t easy
    but nothing is
    ooh, hoo
    when I sing heavy metal
    and I’m pins and I’m needles"

    And all this garbage after just meeting with Malkmus – coincidence? Don’t think so. If I had to make a choice between them and Oasis, Damon and his art-house lot would win hands down, but only because at least they try different forms of music, and have improved their sound since "there’s no other way", but I really can;t stand his voice or his lyrics.



    Yes!!! Just gotta say that this is the best post I’ve read in quite a while. Ten zillion karmapoints to Javro!!

    There are too many bandslyrics that makes my brain hurt and stomach turn, so I’ll have to do some sorting before I post back with my hatelist.



    Javro-I agree with Robert,good rant <img>

    <small>[ 04-08-2002, 02:01 PM: Message edited by: 100% Canadian Salami ]</small>



    Limp Bizket have bad lyrics

    "We don’t don’t give a fuck and
    we won’t ever give a fuck
    until you give a fuck about me
    and my Generation."





    I like your spleen.

    Howsabout Britney. "I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman". Even the title makes me barf. Can only imagine what kind of trite lyrics the puppeteers came up with for that one.




    Can’t argue with that one, since I haven’t heard it. How’s about some puddle of Mudd?

    "Iiiiiii need to feel you
    Youuuu need to feel me
    Iiiiii can’t control you
    You’re not the one for me now."

    over and over and over again.


    Matty qui-9

    Hey all, let’s not forget about Train: anyone who mentions Tae-Bo and Skim lattes in their songs have serious issues. And they won a Grammy, maybe its just cause the gals think the singer dude is dreamy. to me they sound like The Wet Goo Goo Matchbox Gin Blowfish.



    Oi!, No Doubt really layed an egg with "hey Baby," too bad it’s turning into a nest egg.

    DS, can’t you wear headphones at work?



    …and another ten zillion karmapoints to Rosa for a most wonderful use of the word "puppeteers" in relation to Britney’s song generators. <img>



    Mantis, are those karma points in your pocket, or…. <img>

    Where you been? You DO still have my email address, I hope? <img>




    The more I think about it, the more I hate Liam and Damon…


    (Liam) "she’s got a sister, and on the palm of her hand is a blister"

    (Damon) "I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad
    I got sunshine in a bag
    I’m useless but not for long
    the future is coming on"

    Genius on both counts. At least you can kinda forgive poor Liam, silly man doesn’t know better. But Damon. And to think Del tha funkie homosapian worked with J. Must wonder what the fuck he did to deserve Damon.

    Spleen vented for the day.



    DS – yep, that’s Damon on the gorillaz. with the bass playing twat outta blur, jamie whathisnamewhousedtodrawtankgirl does all the animation, and del tha funkie homosapian is the mc. videos are cool, but the music is awful. they spent loads on an award ceremony video and didn’t win anything. ha ha. don’t spose they will unless there is a "best cartoon band featuring members of blur with songs about clint eastwood" category…

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