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    I just found this, by chance: … 198594.txt

    (it’s in German)

    The main info is that the title may be "Freak Scene" and that the film/movie will include stuff from the 80s, 90s & recent reunion shows, and that they have their people filming the band at the US shows as well…

    well, to be honest, this bums me out since I’d really prefer to have a reunion ONLY DVD…



    Cool find!

    I’m hoping its a multi DVD pack, with some total shows included from the reunion tour…not just bits & pieces hopefully :wink:

    I think a career retrospective with great bits on the reunion would be a huge thrill, definitely on my list 8)



    damn i hope someone can decode that deutchland spreken…
    and i for one am glad to hear they are putting the 80s stuff in the dvd…
    My favorite era for DINOSAUR, along w/ this tour of course.
    s 8)



    hot find :D

    Goldinberlin/Kitsune Studio seems to be the production company of Philipp Virus (Luisa’s brother) and his coworkers Kinski et al.

    …so it looks like they’re producing that DVD.

    the Kitsune site says:

    "FREAKSCENE – Dinosaur Jr./J Mascis documentary" 2005 (cinema/DVD production)

    on the occasion of the Dinosaur Jr reunion tour in summer 2005 (Europe/USA/Japan), there will be produced a documentary about J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr.
    The film contains material out of the J Mascis/ Dinosaur Jr archives (live shows, music, interviews, etc) from the 80’s and 90’s, and also new material from the upcoming world tour with live cuts and interviews.

    the shootings will be started at the legendary Forum in London, where the band will be play at two sold out shows. Further the Gold team will accompany the tour through Holland, Germany and the USA.

    …you see, trensidoh resumed it quite well :)



    danke schoen
    that iz such great news…
    no kidding i had a heart attack last month and am now recuperating comfortablee here in san francisco-just got my Fillmore tkts for next month and now i gotta stay alive for the release of that special DVD :wink:
    something to focus on for the future!
    s 8)



    Wow! Can’t wait to get my hands on a freakscene dvd. :D



    man, that is great! they had a pretty big crew filming the show i saw in London. i hope it´ll make it to the dvd cuz there were alot of people there and dino were, of course, great!

    i hope the dvd contains loads of old stuff as well. i love the 1990-1993 era, the shows from that period are great!



    yes, this is good news …

    and stanner … stay well! :D


    Listen to Tarpit

    The DVD should just have everything possible as far as concert footage goes, along with music videos, interviews, commentary, tour footage, photo gallerys, and all of that good stuff.



    I told you guys they were making this DVD a week or two ago. I met a couple of Louisa’s friends from Germany at the Amma gathering in nYC, and they are the ones making it. They were shocked I had been to Spaceland, Philly, Central Park and that I was going to Italy. The website to check is when it is ready. I think it is a documentary though and there will be a official Dino DVD too.

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