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    Am I really te first to obtain anything this month?

    Went to Vintage Vinyl looking for a Minutemen CD, ended up with:

    -Elvis Costello: My Aim is True (2 cd set)
    -Television: Marquee Moon



    Holopaw: s/t
    This is a really cool record. John Orth from Ugly Casanova is the singer.

    Trail of Dead:The Secret of Elena’s Tomb
    Not too impressed with it, but it’s sort of just meant to be a cash cow for Interscope anyway it seems and not a follow up to Source Tags and Codes. I used to hate this band with a passion, but I dunno they grew on me.

    I just realized that I haven’t posted on here in like months. :oops: I gotta get back into the habbit of it.


    expect nothing

    In April I bought, begged borrowed, stole OR downloaded…

    Yo La Tengo – Summer Sun
    Husker Du – Flip Your Wig
    Cobra Verde – Easy Listening
    The Stooges – Fun House



    i bought a couple of days ago:
    my bloody valentine – loveless
    kingston wall – I



    Throwing Muses-Throwing Muses(2003)(it ROCKS!the most rocking album they ever did)
    Kristin Hersh-The Grotto(a beauty!)

    EN-YLT`s Summer Sun is great! 8)

    Screaming Tree-nice to have you back! :)



    hmmmm… I kinda don’t see a point to all these threads that basically say the same thing: "these are the bands I listen to". If you guys weren’t all such nice down to earth people I might just assume y’all are pretentious elitists trying to show you listen to more underground garage bands than everyone else.

    Frankly, I never look at these lists thinkin, "Husker Du, what a cool band name, I should check them out." But maybe I’m just lame that way….

    Also, maybe its cause I’ve always been too poor to spend much money on cds…. *shrug*

    So what did I buy this month… nothing… I *just* got a job 3 days ago. I start on Tuesday. Hmmmm…


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey Siph…. congrats on getting a job!

    Jobs, mean money, money means being able to buy the occasional cd (and the chance to check out classic stuff like Husker Du :wink: ), they call that "the economy"…… :twisted:

    Anyway, went to a record/cd-fair yesterday, and bought a lot of stuff (very cheap, average 5 euro per cd), amongst which stuff from the following cool band names :lol:

    Slobberbone – Crow pot pie (their first album)
    Bettie Serveert – Log 22
    Hot Water Music – Caution
    Schneider TM – Zoomer
    Michael Franti & Spearhead – Everyone deserves music
    Adrian Sherwood – Never trust a hippie
    Flaming Lips – Yoshimi battles the pink robots pt 1 (cd single promo with ‘Can’t get you out of my heed’ as second track 8) )



    Siph-we don`t all listen to underground garage bands around here,I spend plenty of time listening to jazz too but I`m in a rock mode currently :P I know it seems like all these threads are the same but we have to keep the board active so it does`nt go into a coma :wink:

    ps-congrats on the job :aliensmile:



    Hellacopters Grace Of God domestic in Canada… :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :aliensmile: Think it’s the first release of theres available at a reasonable price on this side of the border 8) Too bad it didn’t happen sooner, could have saved myself about fifty bucks :shock:

    Picked up a Stooges bootleg, have it on vinyl but no turntable so I had to get it on cd for five bucks…My Girl Hates Heroin Gotta love that cover :aliensmile:

    Metropolis & The Day The Earth Stood Still on DVD :mrgreen:

    Dee Dee Ramone-Zonked for two bucks :!:

    Tons more I can’t remember, haven’t posted to this for awhile. I love these lists, love seeing the deals people get on great discs, gives me reminders of what I need to pick up as well…elitist that I am :wink:

    Can’t wait to see what a certain someone picks up on his trip to the UK :!:


    Can’t wait to see what a certain someone picks up on his trip to the UK

    You and I both hon. . .



    VF-yeah,I saw the Hellacopters cd the other night but did`nt buy it :shock: but I`ll try to get it next time 8) I could`nt believe it was $18.99! :mrgreen:


    uncle timmey

    -The Bridge a Neil Young Tribute
    (I´VE GOT A LOT OF LOOOOVE AND YOU GOTTA TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :aliensmile: :twisted:

    -Evan Dando – Baby I´m bored

    Hakan Hellstrom (to learn some swedish) :roll:




    Jeff Buckly-Grace


    Bucky Ramone

    Wilco – Anodyne (remastered + bonustracks)
    Sonic Youth – Dirty (deluxe edition)
    v/a – Great Googa Mooga
    (27 tracks including "Voo-it! Voo-it!", "Ookey Ook", "Boom Pacha Boom", "Bama Lama Bama Loo", "Ay La Ba", "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Hop" and a lot more pearls of poetical and lyrical wisdom :P :lol: )



    Damien Jurado – Rehearsals For Departure

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