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    Last week before my net connection went off I applied to join a jazz group on audiogalaxy;2 members sent me messages(check out my profile)I found them kind of snobish.I just talked to one of them a few minutes ago and he tells me that I`m not serious about jazz <img>
    I`m tired of these stuck up jazz fans that think jazz and classical music is the "real music" and their elitist attitude,I could problably go head to head with this guy in jazz trivia and I think you know who`ll win <img>



    Music snots in general suck in such a huge way, kinda says a lot about their whole personality in my opinion…in a not so good way. If they do ask for that dna sample to check your jazz gene let me know, I will send you a zombie sample, it will scare the crap out of them!!!

    Not serious enuf, give me a break, did they provide you with a little quiz that they rate on some sort of elitist scale… <img>

    Theres a hellacopters ag deal called kids in denial, doubt they would be as snotty…will let you know.




    Hey Salami,

    Don’t sweat it. People like that are just projecting their insecurities onto others. Don’t let it pull ya back into junior high mode.

    Lots of people are elitist like that when it comes to music. They want to define themselves by latching on to a clique that already exists, rather than following their own unique gut instincts. People tend to confuse "identity" with "image", which is unfortunate.

    Personally, I see no reason to limit my own tastes, even though it occasionally makes me a target of other so-called fans. I love rockabilly, but sometimes the girls give me looks because I’m not covered with tattoos, and I don’t wear my hair in a Betty Page. And the indie kids will give me shit because I like, say Dinosaur Jr, but not Sebadoh, as if that were somehow a requirement and the two did not sound completely different. The list goes on and on.

    But try not to let it get to you. YOU know what you like and don’t like, and you’re secure about that, so that gives you the upper hand in the long run. Just remember that these people don’t know you, and even if they did, they would probably still be pricks because of their obstinance. Also remember that, by being so snobbish, they’re missing out on lots of great music. And they’ll meet less girls than you because of it <img>

    take care



    Yeah, I’ve run into the snob type too… But I’m meaner than they are and will blatantly pick on them for it. <img>

    Ya know, Rosa, I’ve often had the opposite problem with the Dinosaur Jr / Sebadoh deal. On several occasions I’ve had some snobbish type act like I was a traitor to J for liking Sebadoh’s music. Like I was supposed to take sides in a conflict that had nothing to do with anyone but J and Lou…

    People are weird… <img> <img>




    Ya know, I just read the description for the Jazz Snobs group, and here it is…

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> An enrichment group for progressive jazz lovers who enjoy listening to quality music and helping others broaden their jazz horizon. Lively discussion is encouraged, both on our group message board and in chatrooms. Join us and sample tracks from wonderful albums performed by the jazz greats as well as some of the lesser-known artists. We will help you discover new favorites as well as albums you should purchase for your collection. Enjoy! </font><hr></blockquote><font>Emphasis mine… With them requiring 19 forms of ID, a blood sample, and apparently, experience playing a Jazz Approvedâ„¢ instrument, I’m thinking they need to either change the group desription, or start practicing what they preach… <img>




    I was trying to find a jazz club that would`nt be kenny g type fans,it seems the other clubs seem to focus on that stuff.I don`t give that much info in our freakscene and I don`t see why they want to know so much about me,nosy I guess.
    There`s definitely snobs in indie/punk circles too,ones that look at albums to see if it`s on a major label means that it`s not indie rock or people who won`t listen to Dino after Bug,really dumb I think.Indie record labels are better then the majors in alot of ways but I`m not going to check to see if a band is on a indie label means that they`re superior to a band on a major label.
    I`m not letting them get to me,I like what I like and I don`t care what the elitists think,every music has elitists it seems.One of the things in high school I prided myself on was that no one could tell what music I liked,I did`nt wear band t shirts or had a grunge look or hip hop look or whatever.


    D Sylvester

    Hey Salamiguy,

    My sympathies! Few things p*** me off like the sort of condescending attitude you described.

    Sorry you didn’t earn your "Jazz Merit Badge" from the guy. I guess you’ll just have to console yourself with a passionate love for music that isn’t bound by self-conscious pomposity and can’t be measured in terms of "seriousness." <img>




    i believe rosa said it quite eloquently, people do tend to latch onto subcultures as a way to make up for insecurities in their personality… or at least i’ve always thought so.
    reminds me of the tree house of horror (8 i think), with the homega man.
    ‘but aqau man, you cannot marry a woman without gills..’
    comic shop owner looks up to see the nuclear missile aimed right for him.
    ‘i’ve wasted my life…’
    and detonation.



    I like the image of a comic shop owner and a nuclear missle <img> <img>
    I started my own jazz group which is doing well,we have more members then the jazz snobs club now <img>



    I hear what you’re saying. I completely agree with Rosa on this. I have encoutered the exact problem with any genre of music I can find. Self-righteous judgemental dick-heads can seemingly immediately tell if you are allowed to be part of their incestuous clique of a subculture by if you’re wearing the right T-shirts, clothes or have the right records. I believe it is mainly a wish to define themselves by latching on to certain groups (however cliched), as a way for people to think that they lead a certain lifestyle.
    ‘Punk rock’ fans are twats. By this I mean that they are of the opinion that any music with more than four chords, or songs more than three minutes, or anything recorded at an expensive studio is corporate c*ck-sucking music. Oh, and Punk is now seemingly determined by what fluorescent colour your hair is today.
    Indie fans suddenly decide that they hate a band they had previously liked because they sign to a major-label.
    Indie Jangle-pop fans literally won’t talk to you if you like the sound of distorted guitars.
    You aren’t a fan of Heavy Metal style music unless you profess an undying love for Black Sabbath every other sentence, and you aren’t allowed to listen to any band that hasn’t got solos or has hooks, melodies or memorable choruses.
    Nu metal kids are fools who like sh*te music, bt don’t realise how commercial their bands are, or that their music is just a degenerate version of music by original, good bands like Tool and the Deftones.
    Goths can’t dent their cemetry credability by associating themselves with someone who wears something that isn’t black, or has wierd haircut.
    So much for all the ‘individuality’ these w*nkers are so fond of telling us they have. (Am I the only one who finds it pant-wettingly hilarious that they tell us of this while dressed in the exact same clothes as the gimp that they’re standing next to?).
    I could go on all day, but I have other things to do and I guess you guys have better things to do than read my rantings. The point being made that you have no doubt guessed by now is that these people don’t deserve hanging out with. They are more bigoted than any mainstream pop fan, who at least aren’t making any pretenses about their lives through their music.
    At least you have the courage and intelligence to like music which you like and not music to cater to their standards. You owe it to yourself to tell these people where to get off, or even better, do exactly what pisses them off. As you say, turn up to a jazz place playing an unapproved of guitar.

    Thats me done for today, but you’re not the only one.



    I din’t think ther’s much I can say here that hasn’t already been said. Anyone who considers themselves "better" or superior in any way to anyone else is just generally wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions etc etc I can’t be arsed to go into full rant mode so I’ll mosey off and mumble to myself for a while, eating chalk pastels and professing myself to be the true ruler of Dingustown, BO



    All music fans suck basically,they all have their rules about the type of music they like.Reminds me of a Sloan lyric:"It`s not the band I hate,it`s their fans".

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