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    OK I know it is hard to understand but I don’t have a CD burner on my system. I have been doing some looking and wanted anyone’s positive input on any install it yourself internal brands?

    From what I have just looked at today. I like what I see from TDK model so far.

    Any good ideas? Let me know. Thanks, Chris <img>



    It all depends on what you want to spend. I have a few friends who have the Plextor CDRW, and swear by it. I was looking the other day, and the plextors were in the 180 USD range. I actually decided to get the Sony, which did not come with NERO Burning ROM <img> , but i will check out the programs they did provide.

    I have not heard anything good or bad with the TDK.

    Here is the review on 11 24x CD Burners from Tom’s Hardware





    Check out their selection. I’ve had good experience with the Lite-On models, and they’re pretty affordable.

    The biggest hoop’s gonna be your software though. Most of the actual drives themselves are starting to all be of similar quality, now that the technology has had time to mature a bit, so as long as you don’t go with the ultimate bottom-of-the-barrel cheapo model, you’ll probably be OK.

    As for the software, I agree that Nero’s one of the best. Lots of burners come with it now, just keep an eye out.


    K7 Rides Again

    my roommate recently purchased a TDK w/40x speed. Totally kicks arse!!!



    Thanks everyone for your comments. Now I have a few places to check out and an idea about software. I’m be sure to be on the lookout for NERO Burning.

    One last thing I’ll ask…what do you think about just buying an external cd burner as an option? I know we are talking more money on avg. from what I’ve seen. Pros – Cons – anyone – anyone ???

    Thanks, Chris



    Pros- Easier to set up. Just plug in the USB port, load the driver and away you go. Portability.

    Cons- Space. Size. Cost. The loss of a USB port which could have been used for more useful peripherals, like game pads and joysticks <img>


    Edit: One other really geeky pro.. Depending on what Power Supply unit you have, adding additional items to the system may cause system instability. Especially the newer video cards (GF4). The External should have their own power supply…

    <small>[ 08-07-2002, 12:32 PM: Message edited by: Carl. ]</small>



    I bought an internal CD burner (TEAC, 32x, NERO), it wasn’t that expensive and it works really good, no complaints to report <img>
    The only thing – I was really glad, that my geeky friend installed it for me, I couldn’t do that myself easily. Not only all those screws and cables to move, but to switch the connection from my other CD drive from master to slave position and so on…
    But maybe that’s just me <img>
    External drives are surely easier to install.



    deepsludge, FC, Carl., (yeah, we know), Mattman
    Many thanks to all of you for helpful info and great reminders for me to look into before I lay down the $.

    I have to check out a few more places online tonight before I make any final decision. I’m confident if I want to install an internal I could do it myself.

    Carl., I did think about the power supply thing and if it would make a diff in preformance/speed as well. I still have to check into it. From what I remember about TDK it does have NERO, which you said was good <img> I’ll double check TDK.com I guess to be sure.

    As far as taking up a USB port the only other thing I’m using a USB port for is my Microsoft game pad (for playing F1 2002) – any hints to that game are welcome too.

    I’m sure this Topic and question will be just the first in a series that will come from me. I can’t thank you all enough for being helpful so far. <img> I’ll be sure to share other "geeky Tech Chat" with everyone of course as I’m finding it myself which I hope will help someone else. I’ll keep everyone posted on my efforts.

    Sincerely, Chris



    One last question for anyone and it may be a dumb one for may of you. <img> When I burn MP3’s to a CD is there any converting of the file type necessary so that the CD can then be played in my car or DVD player which I use to listen to my audio CD’s? I have seen things now on the market that says it will play MP3 CD’s, so that is how I got the question. I would rather not begin the process of getting a burner, burning MP3 files to a CD to then not be able to play them in my normal devices. <img>
    Thanks, Chris <img>

    Happy to help out. I have to say the game pad will give you much better control. I don’t own a force-feedback version, which is no big deal to me because as much as I play it is worth not having to use the keyboard all the time. I think the Microsoft that I have is like less the $20, you can program all the buttons for options you want and were you want to put them on the pad. And now the stuff you need to know.

    General Gameplay
    Accelerate – A (you can also use the keypad to accelerate turn and break)
    Steer right/left – ,/.
    Brake – Z
    Pause – P
    Instant Replay – R
    Restart Race – Y
    End Session – ESC

    All the Difficulty settings are the F1-F11 keys.
    There are also keys for Advanced Driving controls and on the fly pit strategy controls. Also Display Settings, Camera Settings and Swing Cam Controls. If you don’t have an up to date system for serious gaming I recommend you don’t use many high level settings for Displayed items. It will only slow down the processing and make the image look really jumpy. I have many options turned off and many others set to Low if necessary. I’m on a Pentium III, 125 RAM 450 and it seems slow to me for sure at times. There is also a Multiplayer option (could be cool). Just to also let you know this isn’t like Playstation, so you are not given a car that is able to make it around the track really well and then you can fine tune it to your driving style. So getting a good car set up seems impossible to me at this point because of all the options. If you can’t find the other keyboard options from an online resourse I’ll get the rest to you just let me know.



    with Nero you can burn mp3’s easily. To burn audio CDs (which you can play in each CD player)you just select them from your hard drive and burn them. Nero does the change to audio format for you in the background.
    I burned many CD’s out of mp3’s and I never had problems to play these CDs.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Chris:
    Carl., I did think about the power supply thing and if it would make a diff in preformance/speed as well. I still have to check into it. From what I remember about TDK it does have NERO, which you said was good <img> I’ll double check TDK.com I guess to be sure.
    </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>The power supply makes no performance difference as it relates to speed. It MAY make a world of difference in stablility, however.

    Of course, it all depends on what you are currently running on you 3.3V/5V rail. CPU, RAM, PCI all run off that rail. With the newer Geforce Cards and newer processor taking up a lot of power, you can easily overdraw on that circuit. When you do, you will get intermittent failures of the system, which could disguise itself as an NT STOP error, or memory problems.

    Usually, if you do not change the original configuration of your PC, then you should not have a problem with the PSU, and adding a CDRW is not that big of a change, power wise. The vendors usually put in ample power. However, if you were to add a faster processor and faster video card to your system, that is when you are most likely going to see problems with you power.





    Thanks FC for the better understanding of the Nero/mp3 to cd thing works. I’m confident now that it will be a cool thing to do since I do have now many mp3s on my hard drive that I would like to listen to and share.

    Thanks Carl., for the information regarding the power supply and stablility relationship. I had an idea that was what you ment before in previous posts, I’m glad you explained a little further. I’m sure what you explained is something overlooked a lot. <img>

    Thanks everyone, Chris

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