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    I think this is an album that J’s critics, both pro and con J really had harsh words for. But in my opinion and a Dino Jr., fan and musician is that is the best dino album I’ve heard. It’s more low key then the work he did before that but the song structure os gorgeous, mello and releaxing. And the guitar work does’nt even have to be mentioned as usual. I mean, take a listen to Mind Glow, that song, and that solo. It’ blows my fucking head off of my shoulders… tell me what you think of it from a fan’s point of view



    "I Don’t Think So" is one of my all-time favorite Dino songs.



    Yeah,Without a sound is Dino Jr. album I see around used more than any other Dino album.
    It`s my least fav but it certainly is`nt bad.Thalia Zedek(Come/Live Skull) backing vocals on "Yeah Right","Grab It",and"Get Out Of This" seem to work well with J`s,I just wish you could hear her a little better,mixed too far in the background.
    "Mind Glow" is a great tune,love the acoustic pickin in it,the guitar solo at the end of "Get Out Of This" is awesome."Outta Hand" is a great mellow tune,love the piano fills.



    WAS is not the dino album most of us like best, but it’s definitly much better than thousands of other rock albums. fabulous songs on it like you said. gave the album a listen this morning going to work by car. FEEL THE PAIN is just one fitting song to start a day and to punch the last remains of tiredness out of your body. [img]images/smiles/converted/boxing_smiley.gif[/img] always makes me smile. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] especially loved ON THE BRINK this time.

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