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    If you are into it like I am….could you help me send out a request….I am so desiring a 10 minute or so version of the song…."Free So Free"….one of my favorite J songs ever……and although I’m not going to get to see it….it would be great to hear it….I’m hoping and feeling some recording will come out of this seemingly short manifestation of Fog…..I think the guitar soloing on that song would be nice done Jamband-esk….it has that feeling…like it could walk out the gate…begin running and come back only when it got hungry.

    I hope everyone here is feeling as thankful and grateful as I am, heading into the holiday. My husband,my children and our friends are out of this world cool…..(hmmm, I wonder how that happened?) we have a humongous stack of firewood,a new baby goat that just arrived yesterday and chocolate pecan pie and pumpkin bread cooling down and waiting for us to have our way with it tomorrow.

    I’m very thankful for the health and beauty of our family………..and I realize peace and happiness in a home can be somewhat orchestrated by the Mama who is around………and I thank God for all of my Mother/woman/girl insight and I’m blessed to have a wonderful guy to share all this with.

    Thanks…Jeremiah…for keeping our musical love affair/Internet community afloat.

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