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    Omg i’m definitely a J Junkie! I saw him play in athens, ga last night in a room the size of a tiny apartments kitchen otherwise known as the caladonia lounge! He had a gibson hummingbird and another gibson acoustic. He had pickups on each one and had a bunch of effects in front of him. He played thumb, choppin up, wagon, and tons more songs. It was so amazing. The level of his playing and at the beginning of one song he broke his 4th string, and busted out the humming bird not even phased. He was playing consistently with his eyes closed just sucking evertyhing in and it was so amazing. I don’t know what else to say i was so close i could have touched him and it was amazing. My friend asked for an autograph and J signed a J on his arm and everyone was laughing and he madeJ sign it again so it said "JJ" with a gray sharpe. HE said he was going to tattoo it today :)

    I know I could give a better post but the point is he was by himself, no drums, nothing and he made it sound harder than any other band could with everyone on stage. J you’re an inspirtation and i would let you have my girlfriends children!



    hey ncb, thanks a lot for sharing these enthusiastic impressions of yesterday’s gig! :mrgreen: :aliensmile:
    it’s so cool when J’s acoustic gigs happen in such a very intimate atmosphere :)

    A tattoo out of a J autograph! :shock: :shock: I hope your friend’s sure about that. maybe he should sleep it over? :?



    whoa !! sounds like someone had a good time … but your girlfriend’s children ??? :shock: :shock: :shock: maybe you should sleep on that one too !!! :aliensmile: :aliensmile: :aliensmile: :D



    hey does that ‘choppin up’ mean ‘start choppin’?
    holy shit!!



    yea i’m sorry that was start choppin tha the played. He played lots of stuff that i noticed from green mind and where you been. He was playing acoustically but with the pedals and the pickups on the acoustic he would play the damn thing like an electric and do 10 minute long solos that made me want to shitz myself. It was amazing. He played start chopping differently though mostly with no distortion but a lot of times he would step on this pedal thing and it would loop what he previously played continously then he would solo on top of that. He was just really funny at the end he spoke and said "Since I don’t have anywhere to go I guess i’ll just do the encore now" and someone yelled "J you’re so fucking cool!" it was a really cool atmosphere there probably weren’t more than 50 people there.



    Sounds awesome. Any photos?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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