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    I’m new to vinyl, but i’ve always heard great things about the sound quality of them. So i’m finally looking to get myself a record player or turntable, any suggestions or comments would be great!



    My turntable is a Sony ps-lx250h.I`ve had it for several years and had no trouble with it.New vinyl can be more expensive than cd`s but hey they`re alot cooler than cd`s.Digging around for old vinyl is fun,you never know what might turn up.



    I picked up a cheap Vibe USB turntable from a deal site a few months back just to make ripping tunes easier but avoid that one.
    On the new bonus 7″ the turntable stops as the arm gets to the last 15 seconds or so of the songs because there is apparently a trigger point there. Very annoying.
    Other than that I have an old Pioneer so I’ll be interested in what you get.

    That sony that @essgee09 has some good reviews at Amazon too so one looks promising. May have to look into upgrading myself



    I decided to make the jump back to vinyl about a year ago, and I have this turntable that I ordered from Amazon:

    I have it running through an older Kenwood receiver that I had retired to my office since it doesn’t do surround sound, and I absolutely love the way it all sounds. I’m sure there are better turntables out there, but I have no problem recommending this one for a not-too-expensive first turntable.


    King Tubby

    Look on ebay for a vintage one. I bought a 1970s Pioneer PL-514 from someone on there about 10 years ago, and it’s still holding up beautifully. Turntables from that era are nice and heavy, with heavier tone arms, which lends great resonance to the sound. If you go the vintage route, then you’ll also need to buy a belt and a replacement stylus (normally you’ll only need to replace the stylus, not the whole cartridge, unless the cartridge is damaged — in which case you shouldn’t buy the turntable). These are great places to buy belts and styli:






    Get a Vintage Technics Direct Drive. They’re a bit more dough than their belt-driven counterparts, but it’s worth it as you don’t have to worry about them breaking down as easily. Throw any nice entry level cartridge on it (I recommend the Audio Technica AT-92ECD) and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget a about a good receiver or preamp as well.



    Totally agree with the suggestion above of a Technics DD turntable, excellent choice for starting out.


    King Tubby

    I want to rescind my recommendation of turntablebasics.com

    I recently ordered a stylus from them, and when I put it in the cartridge and played an lp with it I was getting lots of breaking up in the left channel. When I put my old stylus back in, the lp played just fine. So I emailed them to ask if they had any advice before I concluded that the stylus was defective. No reply for 4-5 days. So I emailed again to ask for a reply. That was 3 days ago — no reply. In the meantime I checked around online for advice and ended up recalibrating the settings on my tonearm (someone had recommended that I do that), which seems to have cleared up the problem.

    Nonetheless, if the stylus had in fact been defective I’d now be stuck with it. That’s not a good way to do business. So I’d avoid doing business with them.

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