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    Randy Jane

    Hey, I just bought a Dell Latitude LM off of my dad for $20. I need to know what the newest OS I can install on it is? I am currently stuck with windows 95 which wont even run Cakewalk 6 which is my fave for Cakewalks. I basically just need to know how much I can upgrade this thing. Currently it has like 32 megs of RAM and like a Five and a half Gig hd. On Pricewatch right now they have a 100G HD for like $179….dont know if it will work…..says it will, but I dont know….Im not as geeky as I need to be. I know I prolly wont get no 512 stick in here, but I need more RAMs.

    Thanks for your help guys/gals…..R.J.



    Hey Randy, I would go or call Dell first because that system is quite old and I doubt you will find an easy outlet for buying the correct parts besides ebay. The memory upgrade is probably the trickest thing. I can’t remember what speed your memory would be PC133 maybe. The hard drive is another thing, your motherboard probably will not support a drive that is over 10 or 20 gigs. I think you can use some software to make the OS recognize the drive though. See if you can find the exact specs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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