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    Just wanted to share my wonderful memory of meeting J with whoever is interested in reading. Well.. it probably wasn’t wonderful for him but anyhoo.. My friend was working backstage serving beer and got me and my brother passes into this area, which I was ecstatic about!! then after several hours of searching for my long haired hero both my brother and my mate got bored and slipped off to see other things. THAT was when HE starts walking towards me… think he was lookin for someone or something, he reaches me and looks around in a searching fashion..I try to speak..not sure what I woulda said but anyway no words would actually pass my lips! Then with that he stalks away, totally unaware of the state he had left me in! My brother comes back.."hey, whats wrong? you look like you’ve seen a ghost!" I explain and he finds it VERY amusing..not sure he actually believed me.. then i was determined to see him again so i sat outside on the grass, beer and camera in hand and waited………..and waited…….then J comes out again! with a big sweaty guitar strap mark across his chest and back..aaarrrr. And i pounced and said " er excuse me! er can i have your autograph?" (very scared right now) and J says "sure" and scribbles on this piece of paper which I still have to this day but cannot make any sense out of. oh well. This is my beloved memory of their last gig and even though it bores others, it will always remain in my heart….. :roll:



    Cool Story, your not alone in being tongue tied on the initial meeting with J, many here have had that same experience :aliensmile:

    Welcome to the site :mrgreen:



    hey golege, thanks for the cool story & welcome here! :D :mrgreen:

    after a J Mascis solo show I also stood in front of him and all I could say was asking for an autograph… :P I felt like being starstruck or what, as J wasn’t impolite, he only appeared to be a bit absent-minded…
    and there are more stories like that, like Coma Girl said :aliensmile:



    crazy story 8)

    hey, i didn’t know dinosaur jr played reading in 1997 … how did i miss that ?? :(

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