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    Okay ive been drinking again so prepare for typo’s up the yingyang, but Ive been getting drunk about 3 days a week now, I dont know if thats bad, or if im just partying it up through the best years of my life. Help me out tell me what you think.

    I need your opinions

    I do and dont feel that I have a problem



    dude i hurt my back 2 years ago and been drinkin alot ever since. my opinion is if dont affect your life then it dont matter. all depends on how well you control yourself. like me i can drink 18 beers(no exageration) a day and no one can tell the difference. maybe cause its used more as a pain killer my body takes it better i dunno. but personally drink up bro!!! :mrgreen:


    Calimero jr.

    From a purely medical point of view I might be considered an alcoholic, as well as much of my friends…..we get drunk every weekend and sometimes a bit more and enjoy a beer or two during the week.
    Anyway I think that as keyster said, as long as it doesn’t affect your life in a negative way I don’t think it’s a serious problem. I think also that if you start to drink alone at home for the sake of it you should start to think it is problematic.



    well im more of a weekend warrior, sometimes at home during the week ill have like maybe a beer or 2 tops when i get home at work, but thats only about once a week, when im stressed out and tired



    Hey, Rich, so I was thinking about your question. It seems as if you, by asking the question, have some concerns. I have found that the hardest part is that alcohol is hard on the body, esp. the liver. A few beers or a few glasses of wine are benificial to the body however. My husband has been smoking up a storm lately (hemp) I am really concerned. I know he has some stress about the new baby, the private school tuition, we are doing a addition on our house, or should I say he is doing an addition on the house, he has not been working very consistanly and the money is only coming in to the house in drips and my level of anxiety then goes up and he responds by getting stoned and being the happiest most loving person that you could find but he is totally stoned…… I have had to explain Marijuana to all of the children and I say things like, well, you know a lot of Adults take medication from the Doctor but your Father just prefers a natural remedy. We know it is illegal but it is much safer than drinking and that is legal. The best remedy is, in my opinion, is making your spiritual life more strong! How one does that is different for each person. My husband was a stoner before he met me and he was looking for a great girl to spend his life with and now he says it is very stressful having to factor in my needs and wishes along with his, if he was to go off and have his freedom he would be just as unhappy, it is a real problem, happiness/joy is a product of the spiritual life, not the material. After saying all of that, I can’t wait until the new baby’s birthday, I want to drink a whole bottle of good California wine all BY MYSELF.



    Ive come to the conclusion that I really dont have a problem, Its not taken over my life, and Is just a way to bond let loose and have some fun with my friends,

    Speaking of spirituality, do you know anything about the mayan calender end date i belive its OCT 42 2012, and has something to do with the solor systems alignment with venus, supposodly the mayans had one of the most advanced knowledge of the solar system, and I Read somewhere there pyramids line up with each major solor alignment, and something happens during them that changes spirtual thought,

    and what are the connections with aliens in the bible, thats been puzzling me too



    I think people have mentioned the key things, is it interfering with your life, relationships, financial health, work life, physical health, family hx of addiction/previous hx… :?:

    Good online assessment tools are available, just to give yourself an idea…




    We’ve started doing substance use assessments on all adults admitted to an inpatient psych facility. Huge push on in Canada to address co-occuring disorders. Big component of the youth substance abuse treatment in Canada is harm reduction, even the adult programs are catching on though. We have safe shooting rooms staffed with nurses in BC, needle exchanges in most provinces, couple provinces now provide crack survival kits…clean pipes, alcohol swabs, condoms etc. Major push in this area is to try & steer toward cleaning up their addictions but huge deal is the prevention of disease…std’s & hepatitis.

    ok I’ll stop now :P


    Calimero jr.

    And finally, if alcohol becomes a problem for your job, then stop working !!!



    Or like Joe Jackson once sung:

    "What’s the use of getting sober, when you’re gonna get drunk again"

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