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    don’t you just want to shout it out sometimes…just so so cool. :D :D :D :D

    ok, pointless thread…. but … band EVER!!!!!



    When I first heard them on the local college station,they stuck out more than any other band.Everyone made a fuss over Nirvana back then though Nirvana were good Dino were THE band for me.The songs,the lyrics,the voice,the guitar work… the whole package.



    I rmb when some local crap guitarist wannabe (now a crap bassist wannabe) brought a guitar magazine to school with him, and it had the very bold headline of "100 greatest guitar solos ever"… I just skimmed it, but one entry somehow caught my eye. the song was titled "freak scene", the guitarist’s name was j mascis, the band name was dinosaur jr… it all stuck out from the crowd of blandness that surrounded it, so I read the description… I was interested enough to do a google when I came home. turns out their new album just came out, I’ll down it for research purposes…

    …it was just perfect. I was hooked before the first solo of "almost ready" ended, and the whole album turned out to be sublime. needless to say, within three days an original copy of beyond (found it in a local music store that I’ve befriended) was sitting in the discman…

    the guys are perfect for me – the subtle, yet intriguing harmonic stuff putting them apart from the rest of the pack (I get the feeling that I’m more likely to hear a C7+ than a regular C in a dino song ^^), the undeniable sense of melody throughout (it may be a YLAOM song drenched with noise, but it has a genuine, powerful melody underneath…), the characteristic vocals, be it J or Lou, and of course J’s magnificent guitar work… I never cared for nirvana, sonic youth is too flat… but Dino is perfect.



    I like Sonic Youth too but still would choose Dino over them.Actually SY themselves might choose Dino over them since 3 of them picked at least one Dino album in their fave albums list :)



    Actually the original Dinosaur Jr. lineup made the unlikely decision to cover Lotta Love for The Bridge, a 1989 alt-rock Young tribute album.

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    Rumpy…..I enjoyed reading the thread here while drinking my coffee while encouraging everyone to hurry it up a little. When we were discovering Dinosaur Jr. there was no internet…so we couldn’t google anything. I do have a great bit of history that I like to share….My husband claims (he’s a you have to take that into account) but he claims we were one of the first families to have internet in the home in our area….it was 1992-and the beginning of 93…and he worked hard with his brothers and set up a computer area in our house. All you could see was computer type…and some code….no pictures….all the time he would remind me of how "great this was"….that we were able to communicate with other folks on the computer. I became pregnant in 93 and he told me, you can find other pregnant mothers to talk to all over the world. I wasn’t impressed…and thought it was a little boring…. I would rather just pick up the phone and talk to my friends. At that time, not many folks had phones outside of the home…a few of my friends did…they called them car phones and they were sort of huge. I remember thinking…talking on the phone while driving…..that’s not right….that will never fly with the public. Wow, how much change we have had in only a short time. The Dad in our house…he is awesome….we have to state that every day…or else he turns into grumpy…which sounds like Rumpy….we have a little boy goat that we call "humpy" and that is also a nickname that I like to call my husband…..he is awesome, but he can be humpy and grumpy from time to time. All done typing on the way to life.

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