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    Bucky Ramone

    Sukilove / ‘t Hof van Commerce – de Brakke Grond 1/13

    Two great bands from Belgium again yesterday evening in the Flemish Cultural Centre ‘de Brakke Grond’…. 8)

    Sukilove is the new band from Pascal Deweeze (Metal Molly, Chitlin’ Fooks). They make music that sounds like a mix of equal parts of the Beatles, country, Big Star and Bonnie ‘Prince Billy’, and the intimate atmosphere of this small theatre, combined with the crystal-clear sound made this the perfect kick-off of the 2003 concert season! :lol:

    Next up were "Straight outta Izegem": MC Buzze, Kowlier and DJ 4T4, better known as ‘t Hof van Commerce, one of Belgium’s oldest rap/hip hop crews, quite a big contrast to Sukilove, but a lot of fun as well! DJ 4T4 laid down the beats, samples and scratches in the best Wu-Tang Clan tradition, while MC Buzze and Kowlier rapped in their totally incomprehensible (for most people on this earth :wink:) Izegem’s dialect, the band was having fun with and making fun of the (sitting and non-understanding) audience, and in the end everyone (except for the few people that left) had a great time…

    Another nice feature of this venue: the in-house ‘Brakke Grond’ cafe, serving more than 30 different Belgian beers at very reasonable prices (probably heavily subsided by the Flemish/Belgian government :D)


    Bucky Ramone

    Neko Case and her Boyfriends – Paradiso (small hall) 1/19

    Great gig in a nicely filled small hall. Neko Case and her (2) Boyfriends (Jon Rauhouse on all kinds of guitars, banjo and pedal steel, and Daryl White (from Trailer Bride) on stand-up bass) were in great form and performed a fine set of ‘Country Noir’ songs, some great covers as well: Dylan’s ‘Buckets of Rain’, Hank Williams’ Ã



    DB-sounds like a cool time 8) Lisa Marr used to be Cub which I think Neko used to play drums for,so there`s the connection there.


    Bucky Ramone

    Due to some major internet-connection problems a double dose this time:

    Thou / PJDS – De Brakke Grond 3/2

    Two Belgian bands again in the Flemish Cultural Centre, Thou are from Gent and play something that is a cross between triphop (Portishead, Massive Attack) and some eighties wave stuff (obvious influences: New Order and Martha and the Muffins [does anyone remember them?]), they were ok, although the vocals sometimes got lost in the mix….

    PJDS is the band of Pieter-Jan de Smet, and den Buck must say that the has never hear of him/them. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the band (fully dressed in black suits) play a fine set of hard urban rock and funk (somewhat like the stuff David Johansen did after he had left the New York Dolls and before he got weak as Buster Poindexter :P ), nothing new, just very basic rock with some funk 8)

    ….and the Belgian beers were as nice as ever…. :lol:

    Camper Van Beethoven – Melkweg (old hall) 2/4

    The old hall was not even half full for this gig , it’s a shame….. :oops:
    CVB were in great, great form as they played their own unique blend of punk, ska, country, folk, world music and whatever else came to their minds…, with the hall being only half full that meant that their was room enough to dance :lol:, they did a couple of great covers, "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (Status Quo), and an amazing version of Fleetwood Mac’s "Tusk" (read more about their "Tusk" project here ) with some laptops producing some stunning dub sounds…
    "Tusk" meant the end of the first set, and after a twenty minute break the band was back for the second set of about an hour, with of course their greatest "hit" "Take the skinheads bowling" :lol:, and after that it was curtains down, no encores, close the bar and get out please :aliensmile: :twisted: :roll:

    All in all a GREAT gig though….. :lol:



    I remember Martha And The Muffins :shock: :wink:

    I did`nt know Camper Van got back together,I thought Dave Lowery was still leading Cracker :?


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey SG, check this site for the story behind the CVB reunion!


    Bucky Ramone

    The Mountain Goats – Paradiso (small hall) 2/10

    There aren’t that many people in the small upstairs hall of the Paradiso, making this an very intimate gig of one of the best (and one of the most prolific) singer-songwriters around at the moment, John Darnielle (aka the Mountain Goats). His records and cassettes sound as lo as fi can go.

    Sitting on his chair with his guitar he plays his songs and tells his stories to a very attentive (and quiet 8) ) audience, and for the second part of the gig he’s joined by a bass player, whose Cure/New Order-like basslines somehow fit perfectly with the acoustic guitar. At a certain moment it is request time, and den Buck is flattered that they play his request "New Chevrolet in flames" (about ten other suggestions get turned down…. :wink: ), after they played that song John realises that he completely forgot a complete verse, so they deliver that verse a-capella, and ask the audience to "cut and paste" it in the right spot in their memories…. :lol:
    After the gig John Darnielle just sits on the edge of the stage, drinking a beer and talking with everybody who feels like doing so (including den Buck, of course…. :lol: ), in short, a very cool gig from a very cool "band"…. 8)



    The fact that the guitar was out a tune for about ten minutes is left out of this review. The question remains: does out of tune got anything to do with lo-fi? I don’t think so. And…..John Darnielle…. buy a new G-string (for your guitar ofcourse :P )
    Anyways, a good moutaingig, a bit short though!



    just wanna fight the impression that only dB & Hansione are attending shows here ;)

    I’ve seen the Zwan show in Hamburg and it has been quite cool. The hall was for about 800 people and it was almost full – on an ice cold Monday night :!:
    They played almost everything out of the new album, I don’t know it well enough to serve with a setlist or something, but I listened to it much during the last days so I recognized all the songs – it’s more fun to see a show when you know the songs I think.

    It wasn’t as loud as expected, loud enough but not ear splitting. I was quite standing in the back, maybe that’s a reason why my ears don’t even ring :?
    A cool and very colourful light show with some spinning projections and irritating strobo flashs…
    There were some extended fine 10 min guitar solos and the female bass player even played violin in some songs. I think, her voice fits great to the usual ‘Corgan lament’ ;)
    so it seems I like this band even more than the Smashing Pumpkins … :shock:
    (I think I’ll even buy the record… :aliensmile:)


    Long Distance Drunk

    sleater-kinney roseland, new york city

    great, great show at a shitty venue. played most of one beat, but the additional songs were different from when i saw them here in dc. call the doctor and dig me out were welcome additions. fun time–but roseland is NOT recommended. the venue is too long and the sound dies. needed to really turn up the volume, and they didn’t. plus i got trashed with my girlfriend and sister in the east village afterwards, then got snowed in in queens for two days….but that’s a different story…


    Bucky Ramone

    The Raveonettes – Paradiso (small hall) 20/2

    The small hall was sold out yesterday evening (the 6 euro tickets were traded for about 30 euros outside the hall…) for this years White Stripes, the Raveonettes from Denmark.

    On stage they are a four-piece band, the core-duo Sharin Foo, peroxide blonde, on bass and vocals and Sune Rose Wagner, on guitar and vocals, with an extra guitarist and a drummer (behind one of the tiniest drum-kits I’ve ever seen).

    They started with all the amplifiers turned up to 100, an all feedback-orgy that somehow turned into Buddy Holly’s ‘Every day’, and what followed was a 45 minute blast of about 15 songs with titles like ‘Attack of the Ghost Riders’, ‘My Tornado’, ‘Chaingang of love’, sounding like the Cramps, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, the Velvet Underground and the Pixies put into a blender 8)

    Although the volume was very high, the sound was excellent, shame that the crowd reaction was just a little subdued, to put it mildly… :roll: , first couple of rows of people were only busy taking pictures, the rest of the crowd was standing like a bunch of salt pillars…. :?
    All in all, a cool gig, and den Buck thinks we will hear a lot more from the Raveonettes :)


    buckingham rabbit

    cat power

    I’ve seen her before and after last time, I swore I wouldn’t again. Each of these times she was alone. However, this time she brought a band with her (guitarist, drummer, violinist) to keep her on track. And it worked! Mostly songs off the new album, which sounded pretty damn good up there.

    Her band left after the set was over, but she stayed up and played the piano. It was a few songs played continuously without break. One of them was "Colors and the Kids," which I have always wanted to hear her play. :P Then the band came back up for a few more "rockers", including a White Stripes cover.

    My new conclusion is that I will only go see her if she has a band along.


    Bucky Ramone

    SV Band (+ 2 other bands) – Maloe Melo 3/5

    You probably have never heard of this band, but this is the band that Hansione started some time ago with three other colleagues from the bank they are working at (and the same bank where den Buck has been contracting for some time now….). They made their official live debut at an (in)famous Amsterdam blues cafe last night, and, of course, den Buck was there….
    They started with a quite weak cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s "Show me the way" (or was it a very decent version of the Peter Frampton original ? :wink: :wink: ), and from then on it was a fun trip through 45 years of pop music, from "Blue Suede Shoes" via "Come Together" to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s "Lovestruck Baby", all covers, all sung by Hansione, it all sounded fine, the crowd enjoyed it a lot, the band didn’t show that much nerves (although I am quite sure that they were quite nervous…), so all in all, a very enjoyable gig!

    The second band (sorry, forgot the name…) was also a covers band, but a little more in the soul/blues vein, they started quite strongly, but in the end they were playing some boring long jams, so everybody lost their interest and went for more beer… :lol: :P

    The third band (forgot the name again, is that the alcohol at work :?: :roll: ) were fine, playing mostly self-written songs in the Pixies/Smashing Pumpkins tradition, nice and loud, and they finished the evening with a cool cover of "Helter Skelter" 8)

    So, a big thumbs up to Hans & the rest of the band for a nice evening!



    Thanks Db for these nice words. You make me feel a bit shy!
    It was a very special feeling to be there on that stage. Nervous, ofcourse but not too much and the crowd was wonderful, very enthousiastic after each song. As an encore we played the song "Bitch" and as you know it is an "angry girl" song. As you probably know… I’m a man. Words like "I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a Mother would sounds strang out of Hansiones mouth :oops:
    So I placed a green wig on my fresh shaved bold head and did it. It was cool! :mrgreen:



    hey Hansione, must have been a great experience! :D

    Oh, and if you and yer band should once be in Hamburg, I won’t miss the gig!
    …dB, ain’t there any pics of Hansione with that green wig on?

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