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    Bucky Ramone

    Death Cab for Cutie – Sounds / Venlo (in-store) – 2/14

    DCfC’s Chris Walla & Ben Gibbard played a great acoustic set on the very small in-store stage of the best record store in this country, two guys, two acoustic guitars, and a fine selection of songs, mainly from their album ‘Transatlanticism’ (highly recommended by den Buck 8) ). The songs survived the transformation from full band songs to sparse acoustic ballads remarkably well….. Afterwards there was time enough to have a talk with the band, and ‘Transatlanticism’ turned into a real bestseller as well…. 8) 8) 8)


    i saw les savy fav a couple weeks ago. pretty good, tim was running everywhere and abusing microphone cords. pretty wild and awesome band.

    saw the shins last week. they played the second of 2 sold-out nights at dc’s black cat. pretty good, played about 70 minutes, most of the 2 albums. in-between song banter was entertaining, sound was really good. i had a good time, show rocked.

    next month i hope to see: ted leo, broken social scene, and enon/black heart procession



    Gothminister – They’re like Rammstein on a russian theater trip, so not exactly my cup of tea, but since they played at this student festival thingy that I’m drinking my way through I thought it would be fun to see something different for a change. And after all, I am the boy who was talked into going to a Robbie Williams show, so I figured I had nothing to loose.
    The show was fun. They all looked like scary and beautifull vampires, which was cool in a goofy sort of way. But the best part was actually after the show when a totally deranged fan wanted their autograph.
    Fan: Oh, man I really want your autograph! I totally need your autograph guys!!
    Gothminister: Okai, sure thing, what do you want us to sign?
    Fan: This album cover, IN BLOOD!
    And then he pulls out this knife and cuts his hand. Blood starts gushing out of this ugly looking slit on his hand, and he just goes "Gothministers autograph in blood! This is so fucking great!"
    Gothminister+everyone else: WTF!!! :shock:
    But then they regained their composure and dipped a q-tip in a pool of blood and signed his cover. It was just bizarre.



    Brian Wilson / Pepsi stage Amsterdam / 13 march 2004
    It was exciting to know that Brian was going to play songs of the never made masterpiece “SMILEâ€



    18 musicians :shock: and all of them introduced by name, well, that’s fair :D

    cool, you enjoyed the gig ….and let’s not forget, Robert Wilson is a legend
    …and Like J Mascis Said:

    "See ’em before they keel over…"

    :aliensmile: :!:

    great to see you around again, hansione, hope you’re fine :D

    unfortunately no cool gigs here lately :|



    Great review on that Ron Wood show!!, special the part
    " beerbellies 8) and grey hair jumping op and down :P "

    Good to be back and good to see ya all!

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