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    Bucky Ramone

    This topic is a logic sequel to the ‘I just bought (tickets for a show)’ topic that Hansione started. How was the show?

    I just saw:

    Cotton Mather – March 5, Melkweg (old hall) Amsterdam
    Great show, very fine pop-songs in the best Beatles, Big Star, Posies, Guided by Voices, Cheap Trick-tradition from this Austin TX band, shame that there weren’t that many people, but the people who were there (and the band as well…) enjoyed the gig

    Notwist and Royksopp – March 7, Paradiso Amsterdam
    Notwist are from Germany, released a great album called ‘Neon Golden’ earlier this year, they gave a very good show, some songs sounded not a little unlike Dinosaur Jr., their newer material is a little more electronic (a little like Radiohead with songs), with a lot of strange effects coming from a small Apple laptop, fascinating show!

    Royksopp are from Norway, on cd they sound a little like Air, melodic, light electronic stuff. Live this duo (playing a lot of keyboards and laptops…) were a lot harder, sometimes not unlike Underworld, and they had an excellent lightshow (and sound) as well, they had all of the Paradiso dancing, first time I’ve ever seen that…. (and in the end the volume was even louder than any gig I’ve ever been!!!!)



    I first heard about Cotton Mather when Dale from The Guthries asked me if I had any of their albums,I did`nt,he said they`re a really good band.Check out the Guthries DB if you see their Off Windmill album in Holland,they should have a new album out soon,can`t wait for that.


    Bucky Ramone

    Salamiguy, I saw that Guthries album in a shop in Amsterdam once, the shop asked a ridiculous price for it (‘It’s a Canadian import, you know…’ they explained), thought about mail-ordering it, but forgot about it, but with you recommending it, I will do that right away (before I forget it again… <img> )



    Pete Yorn, Paradiso (small hall) 11 march 2002

    The small hall wasn’t completely sold out, something I don’t understand. Jus a week before people were willing to pay 100 euro to see a wonderful 50 minutes concert of the strokes. Pete Yorn completed a splendid album recently (musicforthemorningafter) and he played a couple of songs. But he also showed us what his roots are. He started with a slow “dancing in the darkâ€


    Bucky Ramone

    Pete Yorn – Paradiso upstairs hall Amsterdam – March 11

    Small crowd (mostly American and Hansione), great show, a very tight rocking band (most of the time rocking out loud with 3 guitars), he writes great songs, has a great voice, I loved it! He started the show with the first verse of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the dark’ in slow motion, and played a really great gig, finishing with two encores: ‘Panic’ (Smiths) and ‘China Girl’ (very loud and rocking, excellent)

    One of the biggest talents around nowadays, in my opinion….



    Lazy Sunday Dream / The Gourd
    Paradiso, small hall
    28 march 2002

    LSD is a fivemansband from Amsterdam. The music they play is from the same “nicheâ€


    Long Distance Drunk

    Saw the White Stripes last night. Really good show, played for close to 2 hours. Alot of White Blood Cells in the list. Jack & Meg interact well toghether, adds a little something to the show. Meg’s got a pretty cool stage presence. The Stripes must be catching on, it was supposed to be at a small club called Rosebud, and was moved next door to M which holds about twice as many people (but sucks 50 times as much), and it was packed. Over 21 show as well. The Stripes have awesome merch, though "I (heart) Meg/Jack" buttons rule. I got a magnet. <img> I would highly recommend them.



    Marky Ramone and The Speedkings.
    Was loud, fun and sweaty. So it was ok.


    Bucky Ramone

    Billy Bob Thornton at the Melkweg Amsterdam, April 10th

    Singing actor, with an excellent band (2 drummers, 1 bass-player, 3 guitarists, 1 guy on a very fine hammond-B3, and a very nice <img> lady on back-up vocals). BBT doesn’t have the greatest singing voice in the history, but his enthusiasm, great lyrics, great band (sometimes sounding like Little Feat meets the E-Street Band), great (and sometimes moving) stories between songs made it an excellent gig. A lot of fun sixties covers as well… (‘The game of love’, ‘California Dreaming’, ‘Green tambourine’, ‘Hang on Sloopy’).

    Conclusion: an very enjoyable gig!

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    Garbage, 11 april 2002, HeinekenMusicHall

    The review I saw in the papers were killing, I thought the concert was thrilling. After some brilliant elbow workouts I managed to advance to the front row, dancing and jumping (fucking knee..) I saw an androgyny Shirley Manson in good form. I think she is singing with much more confidence then two years ago, but she doesn’t flirt with the audience like she used to do and I think that’s a pity. “Cup of coffeeâ€


    K7 Rides Again

    and let me tell you it was awesome!!! It was so incredibly loud, distorted, and and absolutely fucking ripping!!!! You couldn’t hear shit except the guitars and my ears are still ringing. Incredibly audience oriented, "fishing" the crowd, holding the guitar up high, playing behind the head, and one guy even played his guitar w/ his ass!!! It really reminded me of Wayne’s World. For the encore, they had some dude come out and sing. He was all over the stage, tossed the mic at one point, and after he’d sing a verse, he would spit on the crowd! Gross!!! I don’t know, just something about spitting on people…doesn’t quite do it for me…
    Anyways, I got some pretty great pics, they should be online either Weds. or Thurs. after the J show. Some are pretty blurred ‘cuz these guys didn’t stay still long enough to get a good shot. Personally, I think it adds to the effect.
    Missed the Gaza Strippers, my date was running a little behind, so I can’t tell you all how they were. Sorry. But I can tell you, if you ever get the chance to see the Hellacopters, DO IT!!! <img>

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    Gotta be the blonde guitar player doing the ass playing…YIKES <img> <img> Looking forward to those pics, no prob with blurring, love the live look… <img>
    Glad you enjoyed the show, too bad about the spitting deal…ick <img>

    Enjoy the J show you lucky so & so <img>




    Hey Kurtz
    Sounds like it was a way cool show,definitely Hellacopteresque;a guy playing guitar with his ass <img> <img> <img> hopefully the spitting did`nt hurt the pics <img> looking forward to seeing them and hearing about J`s show soon <img> <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – April 14th – Paradiso Amsterdam

    Luckily we were late so we had to endure only two songs of support act ‘the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, I think it’s the worst band I’ve ever seen, no songs at all, just senseless riffs with the awful sight and sound of a screaming lady in a pink tutu, some people should be protected against themselves….. (cool name though <img> )

    JSBX did what they do every gig (I suppose), blow the house down and tear the roof off (and that at the same time!) with their unique mix of dirty rock’n’roll and even dirtier blues, all very loud, without a pause, shame is that the gig only lasted 45 minutes (but they did a 20 minute encore, ending with the fantastic ‘Do you wanna get heavy?’). Special mention must go to the live-version of their excellent new single ‘She said’, from somewhere out of nowhere came the sound (although that’s not the right word to describe it…) of a subsonic mega-mega-bass, it felt like a minor earthquake, f*#@ing brilliant!!!!!

    Afterwards in the small hall there was some more dirty rock’n’roll from Holland’s own Green Hornets, great fun as well, not quite as goods as JSBX, but great music to drink some beers to…..

    Altogether, a very amusing night!!!!!



    Guided By Voices – April 14 – Alley Katz, Richmond, VA

    I thought this would be a pretty good show from the real audio clips of the bands albums I heard from their website. It wasn’t.

    Despite the fact I was front center and maybe 2 feet from Mr. Pollard (or perhas because), I found Pollard drunkenly obnoxious, and they made absolutely every song sound exactly alike. Also, Pollard’s idea of rocking out was spinning his mic around retardly. It was cool for the first 2 songs. The next 40 or so, it was lame. In hell, I am quite certain the Devil will tie Mr. Pollard to a microphone, where he will spend all eternity being spun around idioticly in between every lyric. In addition, his vapid waste of beer (90% of every bottle was spilt) is atrocious.

    The redeeming point of the evening was the opening band "Dead Meadow." Check them out – they don’t make every song sound exactly alike and act like pompous fools.

    In addition – they [the club, the promoters, the band – I dunno who exaclty] are big fat liars, Sparklehorse’s Linkous did not show up at all.

    Final grade: D.

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