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    "petey" wrote:
    More accurately, they send them to you by extremely overpriced and unnecessary 2-day UPS air shipping.

    Yeah, I was wondering why I needed 2nd-Day Air delivery for a show that’s in July. They could send the tickets by pack-mule and they would still get here in time.

    Oh well… at least I’ll have them in my hands… where I can stare at them, drool over them, kiss them, roll naked on them, and put them under my pillow at night. (No, no… I’m not excited!)



    :D EXACTLY! :D



    I got my tickets today and i’m excited :) its gonna rock 8)



    i still havent got my tickets yet ordered them on sunday startin to get worried



    just ordered my ticket to Cleveland. Feel about as high as i’ve ever flet. Wish i was getting more tickets but this is good for now. Can barely find a way to Cleveland and it is the closest show to me. Anyone need riders to other shows let me know, i don’t take up much space and have much expirence in long journeys…

    I’m going to Cleveland, to see Dinosaur Jr.

    This is the best day, till the show then that is the best day, life is good…



    I just got my ticket for the Philly show. Yes!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!! :D


    Listen to Tarpit

    I’m going to buy tickets for the Chicago show at Lollapalooza on the 24th of July. I can’t wait to go and see them.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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