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    Cool mix DB <img>
    Low`s Sunflower was one of my fav songs from last year,I think it`s better then Dinosaur Act if you ask me.
    That Pogues song is good as well,same goes for the UT.


    Bucky Ramone

    1. Caitlin Cary/Ryan Adams: The battle
    2. Low: Sunflower
    3. Flip Kowlier: Ocharme ik
    4. Deadman: Adios mi corazon
    5. Gorki: Mia
    6. The Pogues: A rainy night in Soho
    7. Ty: The tale
    8. Slum Village: Climax
    9. Koop: Waltz for Koop
    10. Alex Cortiz: Spoonful of air
    11. Aim: The girl who fell through the ice
    12. Nina Nastasia: This is what it is
    13. Monza: Tegenstand is mooi
    14. Uncle Tupelo: Screen door
    15. Prefab Sprout: Wild card in the pack
    16. Henry Elsesser: So close to God
    17. Ann Peebles: Breaking up somebody’s home



    See whats in my stereo- thread: HM31. Pogues are cool! Dirty old town is my all-time fav though!
    Like the Ryan Adams co-song a lot! Good mix but….lounge is back??? Thought you got over that mistake <img> <img> <img>

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    I like Dirty Old Town too <img>
    That Cary/Adams duet is good;Ryan Adams is going to be on a TV special soon with Elton John <img> should be interesting to hear Ryan singing Bennie And The Jets <img>

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