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    Hello everyone!

    I’m so happy about getting these tickets I had to come here and get it out. I also thought I’d introduce myself or reintroduce my self. I opened an account here in 2002, but I lost track of it a while ago. To tell the truth I’ve been out of the J Mascis loop for a little while. I followed J up to Free so Free and about a year and a half later went through a bad break up. For whatever reason I decided I didn’t need to listen to J a whole lot at that time. I’ve been listening to Andres Segovia and Matt Maher during this time.

    Well, thank God I didn’t throw any of my albums away because I have everything, even the rare stuff like Quest. Unfortunately, it does me no good since I have found that just about everything has been remastered and expanded and I’m dying to hear all of it. I started running two months ago and Dinosaur Jr. has been my work out music, it keeps me focused on drums and what brilliant drums they are. I missed out on Beyond, but I have it on the way with Farm. I hear nothing but good things about both albums and what the boys are up to lately.

    I first heard Dinosaur Jr. in 1989 and my first album was Green Mind. I’ve seen them a few times since 1993 and even Met J once, he’s very cool. He gave me a pick too at another show! It’s hard to believe that after all this time this band still speaks to me and I’m very happy to get back into the swing of things and cover lost ground.

    Peace and God bless!




    Welcome back! :D

    What other bands do you like?



    Thanks! Before Dinosaur Jr. I was into The Cure. They’re both my top two favorite bands. I also like Sonic youth and U2.


    Yeah Right
    "Obseqio" wrote:
    I’m so happy about getting these tickets I had to come here and get it out.

    I’d be pretty stoked too but that’s dedication

    Couldn’t resist :roll:

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