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    I started a new thread since the old thread was getting long,also decided to do a new thread of I just bought each month.
    Just bought Tanya Donnely-Beauty Sleep;ex Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly singer/guitarist;it`s been 5 years since her last solo album so it`s good to see her release something new.



    I just bought Murray Torkildsens (now playing with the sweeney) solo album from 1994, sex, lies and videotape. When I was a kid, my friends at school started a record label called sticky records, and signed murray, the bear quartet, mambo taxi and some others to do a compilation tape, and I wanted to hear the rest of his stuff. The tape was called "I’ll procrastinate tomorrow"

    worth a listen, if you can track either Murray or the Sweeney down. Murray’s stuff is just him and a guitar either cranked up, or fairly mellow. Think David Gray but with attitude – "on the edge of a breakdown" music.



    Jimmy Eat World – self-entitled
    Pete Yorn – Musicforthemorningafter
    Lucky Boys Confusion – Gift of Game
    Hoobastank – self-entitled (I think)



    Songs Ohia – Didn’t It Rain

    Jason Molina did it again
    This is a wonderful Beautiful Album
    7 Great Songs


    Bucky Ramone

    Grandpa Boy – Mono
    "This is rock’n’roll recorded poorly, played in a hurry, with sweaty hands and unsure reason" it says on the innersleeve. New band from Paul Westerberg (Replacements), 11 excellent songs, could have been an early Replacements demo, and it is "recorded in dynamic mono"!

    The Sound – From the lion’s mouth
    First time (officially) released on cd, still sounds great after all these years…..



    Capsul…Bailter Space
    Don’t Worry About Me…Joey Ramone <img>

    Westerburg is supposed to be touring in the near future. I like some of his solo stuff, glad to hear this one sounds like early Replacements <img>



    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Another Girl Another Planet:
    <strong>Don’t Worry About Me…Joey Ramone <img>
    </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I also bought that one, and this is what I think of it:


    A great, optimistic album, love it, songs like ‘I got knocked down (but I’ll get up)’ somehow put a smile on my face!




    I agree its a great album, but that line " I want my life" in knocked down <img> <img> <img>

    Definitely recommend people pick it up, last new Joey ever <img>




    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Spaceboy:
    <strong>Songs Ohia – Didn’t It Rain

    Jason Molina did it again
    This is a wonderful Beautiful Album
    7 Great Songs</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I heard "Blue Factory Flame" on our local college radio the other day… and it’s still in my head!!! <img>

    I was planning on getting the album anyway, but I think I’m gonna have to get it much sooner than I expected… <img>



    Hey MattMann

    U wont regret that
    Its such an amazing album
    I played it so much & its getting better
    That man is a real genius

    Blue Factory Flame is my favorite song
    I cry evertime I hear that song
    But the other songs are beautiful to

    & this is only the 2nd release of him this year
    we get 4 more, 1 with Will Oldham & Ali Roberts




    U can read a great review here: Didn’t It Rain



    * Lambchop – Is A Woman

    I hope I get the 2Cd, cuz I ordered it Online
    Only God can tell <img>

    * Lambchop – How I Quiet Smoking

    The 2nd time I buy this album
    I had a copie but I have no Idea where that 1 is
    Its a beauty so I decided 2 buy a new 1
    Lets hope it wont disappear again


    buckingham rabbit

    from some used cd website i found, happily:

    david bowie–hunky dorey (ryko version) for $11!
    mojave 3–ask me tomorrow-$7
    verlaines–hallelujah all the way home–$7




    $4.99 at Vintage Vinyl. <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    2 many dj’s

    Amazing mix-cd by the Flying DeWaele Brothers (aka Soulwax), mixing together:

    kylie minogue – can’t get you out of my head (soulwax elektronic mix)
    emerson lake & palmer – peter gunn (live)
    basement jaxx – where’s your head at (head-a-pella)
    peaches – fuck the pain away
    sly & the family stone – dance to the music
    ready for the world – oh sheila (a capella)
    dakar & grinser – i wanna be your dog
    ural 13 diktators – disko kings
    bobby orlando – the "o" medley
    felix da housecat – silverscreen shower scene
    the stooges – no fun
    salt ‘n pepa – push it
    hanayo with jürgen paape – joe le taxi
    the jets – cruch on you (a capella)
    funkacise gang – funkacise
    soul grabber – motocross madness
    lil louis and the world – french kiss
    zongamin – serious trouble
    garbage – androgyny (thee glitz mix by felix da housecat)
    frank delour – disc jockey’s delight vol.2
    the residents – kaw-liga (prairie mix)
    carlos morgan – shake your body(the jacksons)
    alphawezen – into the stars (firebirds remix)
    interstellar – concepts
    nena – 99 luftballons
    destiny’s child – independent women part 1
    10cc – dreadlock holiday
    dolly parton – 9 to 5
    royksopp – eple
    arbeid adelt – death disco
    jeans team – keine melodien feat. mj lan
    skee-lo – i wish (a cappella)
    maurice fulton presents stress – my gigolo
    the breeders – cannonball
    the cramps – human fly
    the wildbunch – danger!high voltage
    op:l bastards – don’t bring me down
    adult – hand to phone
    vitalic – la rock 01
    queen of japan – i was made for loving you
    new order – the beach
    detroit grand pubahs – sandwishes (a capella)
    lords of acid – i sit on acid (soulwax remix)
    streamer feat private thoughts in public places – start button

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