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    I think it should be said that I have to review more light simply because I read what Jasper had to say about it so many months ago and I found it quite touching, quite moving, and damn just absolutely right on.
    As right on as it was, it still created within me a need to expand, to express all the emotion evoked not from Jasper, but from the whining, wailing, melodic flow, transient solo’s, reverberating strums, ear bleeding crackles, and soul touching mumbles that j has managed to create as theory over the years and solidify as fact with the epic that is: more lght.
    I think the word epic is not just fitting, but absolutely necessary. Memorable, larger than life, encapsulating the size of the past, while bursting at the seems drowning even what the future has to offer.
    "I just want to die/I just want to tell my friends/Its too hard/Its too hard"
    So lets say thats it. Like J’s line from the B-side too hard, what if he was gone? I mean the shit that we have turned into society, the shit we have turned into everyday life and told everyone of every emotional makeup to just live it, what if J just found it "too hard" and was gone? Of course we all dread the day, at the same time, with more light, J has left an epic. Certainly I wont forget him, then again he had me with his first few lines in forget the swan. Everyone alive searches for more light, and everyone ensconsed in J’s latest realease has found it. Maybe I can say more, with less whiskey. Jasper please respond, help me out here.



    Thanks for the compliment, Spider. And I wouldn’t worry about J leaving us any time soon. He sounds happier – well, less sad – on "More Light" than on any other of his albums.

    Anyway, I’ve expressed what I felt about the album the best I could in "More Light – one reporter’s opinion", so I’ll leave it at that.

    Take care,


    "It was never my intention,
    to blindly feed the boy/girl game.
    I know romance isn’t everything,
    but I’m obsessing just the same."

    – Lou Barlow

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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