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    I have posted about this in the other thread (and Facebook / Twitter) but wanted to put it in one place.
    From the press release:

    First: J Mascis Interviewed by Portlandia’s Feminist Bookstore Lady (Fred Armisen)
    One of Portland’s top feminist bookstore professionals, Candace of Women & Women First, spoke with J Mascis about the upcoming record, I Bet On Sky. Watch their illuminating interview above.

    “I Bet On Sky” Pre-order Bundle Options Announced

    DinosaurJr.com Pre-order Bundles
    Where to get them: http://www.DinosaurJr.com

    Pre-order bundles are available at http://www.dinosaurjr.com including exclusive merchandise while supplies last. The shirt and poster designs will be exclusive to this pre-order offer.

    “Stick a Toe In” (small bundle): $29.99/ €29,99
    CD, shirt, button pack, sticker

    “Almost Fare” (med bundle): $54.99/ €54,99
    CD, LP (w/ digital download), shirt, button pack, poster, sticker

    “I Bet On Sky” (large bundle): $79.99/ €79,99
    CD, LP (w/ digital download), shirt, tote bag, button pack, hat, sticker, poster signed by band

    Jagjaguwar Pre-order Bundles
    Where to get them: http://scdistribution.com/dinosaurjr

    Album pre-orders including exclusive additional items are available from Jagjaguwar Records while supplies last.

    Deluxe Pre-order: $22.99
    LP version of I Bet On Sky in gorgeous gatefold litho-wrapped jacket
    CD version of I Bet On Sky in six-panel wallet
    Limited-edition 7″ featuring two brand-new, non-album tracks: “Now the Fall” and “Ricochet
    17″ x 22″ glossy poster featuring artwork by Travis Millard
    Digital download code for the entire album, redeemable on September 4th

    CD Pre-Order: $12.99
    CD version of I Bet on Sky
    17″ x 22″ glossy poster featuring artwork by Travis Millard
    Digital download code for the entire album, redeemable on September 4th

    LP Pre-Order: $16.99
    Vinyl LP version of I Bet on Sky
    17″ x 22″ glossy poster featuring artwork by Travis Millard
    Digital download code for the entire album, redeemable on September 4th

    Full Press Release

    These are some pretty impressive bundles to say the least!

    Other Bonus Tracks B-Sides
    ** Note that there is a Japanese release of the album with the bonus track “Black Betty” (a cover)

    * The itunes release has the bonus track “Pond Song” live which is from the Bug: Live at the 9:30 club set also available as an album (very limited) and DVD.

    +- “Now The Fall” is also the b-side to the PIAS “Watch the Corners” 7″ (Not in a bundle)



    My only question is how do we specify which size shirt we want? I would hate to buy one of the bundles and then the shirt is too large.



    Hi Matthoney, the shirt bundles allow you to choose your size. Since the shirt is the only thing that comes in a size, that’s what you’re indicating.



    thanks @ames!



    Damn, $16 shipping on the Jagjaguwar Deluxe pre-order. Kinda ridiculous, but I’ll probably cave anyway.



    Does anyone know if the big bundle from dinosaurjr.com is Jagjaguwar or PIAS?



    Is the Watch the Corners 7″ the on which comes with the Jag bundle?



    @mind_glow: I think (just assuming) that it depends on where you buy it from as to which label print you will get. If I click on a bundle in there from the US it takes me to http://dinosaurjr.transmissionmerch.com/ but I have a suspicion if I were in the UK it would direct me to http://www.frocksteady.com/shop/bands/dinosaur-jr.html – I have not confirmed that though. Also it does not mention the label that I notice, just guessing.

    The Watch the Corners 7″ is not in either bundle. It appears to be a PIAS release
    I just included that one when I added all the other bonus tracks/ releases I know of.

    The 7″ in the jagjaguwar bundle has 2 new tracks – “Now the Fall” and “Ricochet”



    I bet on what Jeremiah has just wrote.so jagjaguwar in the US and PIAS in Europe …..that frocksteady is a 3rd party out sourced company based in Germany !
    The other bundle from jagjaguwar is obvouisly from them (ltd 7″ single etc)

    I’m thinking (guess) watch the corners is not being released outside of Europe on vinyl.



    My brain is going on overload. The signed poster by the band has my mind going ‘ding, ding, ding!’. I also want to other singles though…. Good job Dine-o!



    One thing missing – Just when I start buying cassettes again 😉



    I’m all in! Brought the Ultimate Fan Bundle from the Dine-O website site, the deluxe pre-order from jagjaguwar and three “Watch the Corners” 7″ just because I thought the album cover was really cool. Might Ebay two of them : )

    What about you?



    I’m going to go all in to !

    Just out of interest where did you order the watch the corners 7″ from ?



    I ordered mine from that piccadilly records link.

    COMMENTS: Limited edition 7” (500 copies for the UK and Eire).
    RELEASE DATE: Expected 27 Aug ’12

    Not sure who did the cover artwork for that although I suspect Marq Spusta

    The cover artwork for the “Now the Fall” and “Ricochet” 7″ from the jagjaguwar bundle was done by Marq Spusta



    Yeah empire2 I ordered from piccadilly in England. I was surprised they weren’t sold out already.

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