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    A newbie coworker asked me for a mix the other day. He listens to mostly Classic Rock type stuff, so. . .

    1)Drive Like Jehu-Golden Brown
    2)The Jesus & Mary Chain-The Living End
    3)Mission of Burma-Ballad of Johnny Burma
    4)Sonic Youth-Shoot
    5)Rites of Spring-Persistant Vision
    6)Belle and Sebastion-She’s Losing It
    7)The Locust-Anything Jesus can do I can do Better
    8)Big Black-Columbian Necktie
    9)The Pixies-Break My Body
    10)The Minutemen-My Heart and the Real World
    11)Mr. Bungle-Slowly Growing Deaf
    12)My Bloody Valentine-When You Sleep
    13)Lightning Bolt-2 Towers
    14)Grand Ulena-Crowbar at Crescent and Cricket
    16)Pavement-Conduit for Sale!
    17)Beat Happening-Cast a Shadow
    18)Joy Division-Isolation
    19)Cursive-Some Red Headed Slight of Hand
    20)Gang of Four-Anthrax
    21)Tom Waits-Clap Hands
    22)Slint-Nosferatu Man
    23)Refused-New Noise
    24)X-Motel Room in my Bed
    25)Emperor-With Strength I Burn

    This is draft 2, I hope I can fit it on one disc.



    Oh, wouldn’t you be a sweetie and swap conduit for sale with kennel district ? Because it’s my favorite pavement song at the moment, and then I would think that I have an effect on everyday life in america. That would’ve been sweet.

    Rites Of Spring :idea:



    Nice :D

    I think you should check out Bitch Magnet and Bastro.Kinda like Big Black and Slint.Both bands feature David Grubbs on guitar(ex Squirrel Bait and later Gastr Del Sol)they`re both on the Homestead label,might be hard to find but search around for them,they`re worth it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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