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    …Bonnie Prince Billy will perform here in August, reminding me how much I’ve been ignoring him in the past, although a buch of very reliable people are recommending his music throughout (under which name ever).

    now that I really consider to take a closer listen, I have no idea where to start. so many names, so many incarnations. :? :? :?
    what I’d prefer as a start would be mor a band sound record, not so much something all acoustic. what would you guys recommend?

    and what would I have to expext in a "Bonnie Prince Billy" show?




    -Lost Blues And Other Songs:under the name Palace Music.It`s from singles and damn he put out some great singles.Check out the guitar solo on Horses,one of the best solos I ever heard.Someday I`m going to get a 100 piece choir together and sing Ohio River Boat Song :)

    -Arise Therefore:under the name Palace Music.alot of people are down this album but it has some good stuff.It`s just vocals,guitar,bass,piano,and a drum machine.

    -I See A Darkness:under the name Bonnie Prince Billy.The title track was even done by Johnny Cash.

    -Days In The Wake:under the name Palace Brothers.It`s mostly by himself acoustic.

    -There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You:under the name Palace Brothers.A few songs with banjo,very lo fi country.I Was Drunk At The Pulpit sounds to me like early Bob Dylan.

    -Viva Last Blues:under the Palace Music name.Jason from Sebadoh on drums and nice production from Albini.

    Will is a weird character so expect anything :wink:


    Bucky Ramone

    …I agree with SG’s suggestions, would like to add:

    Joya, released under the name ‘Will Oldham’ :lol: :wink: , some truly great songs here….



    I forgot about the Hope ep under the name Palace Songs.It`s just 6 songs but all of them are good,it`s a kinda of a early `70s Stones/Faces vibe.The real highlight is a cover of Leonard Cohen`s Winter Lady.



    thank you so much guys! :D

    there’s a bit of time left until August, so I’ll be "working" my way through these records :)



    & don’t forget:
    Will Oldham – Guarapero/Lost Blues 2
    Palace – Arise, Therefore (His best album, wonderfull lyrics)

    & enjoy the show
    Its a Superwolf show, so listen to BPB & Matt Sweeney – Superwolf
    Great album



    hey Spaceboy, good to see you back here.
    thanks for the input! as I knew you’re into Oldham’s music for a long time, I’m appreciating your recommendation :)

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