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    Alex French

    Hey. I’m a guitar player and I was looking for some suggestions on how to get a setup to sound like J’s. I know you probably need a Jazzmaster but hey, tell me what you use and I’ll try it out.

    1) think of "they always come". what’s a good way to get that kind of raw, distorted overdrive sound?

    2) how about the chorus of bug where there’s a clangy slightly overdriven sound. any suggestions on getting that sound?

    3) how about J’s acoustic?

    I don’t care if you know J’s setup or if you have a homemade way to craft the J sound. I look forward to hearing from everybody!


    Alex French

    2) "think of the chorus of bug" < what was i thinking? chorus of budge was what i meant.



    Instant Dinosaur Jr or J Mascis in a box

    Don’t know a whole lot about this, but it certainly sounded cool <img>

    J Mascis Tone


    <small>[ 10-09-2002, 06:44 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>


    Alex French

    thanks alot valentine frankenstein! i’ll have to find one of those somewhere



    Hey Alex! Here’s my setup when I’m playin with Cliff Barnes (http://www.cliff-barnes.cjb.net)

    Fender Bassman (75W) 4×10 amp from late 70’s + Fender Bassman 100 4×12 cabinet on the other side of the stage —->Univox Pro Verb spring reverb—->Schecter strat w/lots of stickers (mostly cats, frogs, cows + stars)

    > Cry Baby wah—>Big Muff (green one)—->Boss Equalizer—>Ibanez Phaser Tone II

    >Ibanez Flanger FL-301

    I tend to use the amp’s volume maxed so that’s mainly my distortion. Bassman distorts quite nicely. The EQ is for extra volume&distortion. Big Muff I use for solos mainly. Ibanez Flanger is mostly for getting rid of the audience since it can produce unholy noises. Sometimes I use cheap-ass DOD Juice Box for a milder distortion. If you got anything to ask, just mail me!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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