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    Well, i’m not the biggest expert in the world on this, although i work for an amp company here in England as a engineer… here’s how i found a few ways to get that J tone:

    First, you dont really have to have a tube amp for the ‘j’ tone, he dosent use tube distortion, and transistor amps emulate clean valve tones near perfect! ( they’re also much cheaper)

    Boss heavy metal pedal (now called hyper metal i think), gives a nice bassy ‘out there’ guitar tone, good for the heavier stuff.

    Boss super overdrive, wicked for the ‘get me’ type of tones.

    Pro-co rat 2, similar to the hm pedal but a little warmer sounding, i find you can get tones like raisans & tarpit from this pedal.

    For modulation sounds i use a bunch of pedals from the 70’s

    jim dunlop standard wah, obviously!!

    i also tried out the electro harmonix reisues but to be honest they’re nowhere near as good as the originals…
    the rat is better than the reissue big muff

    also the new line 6 distortion, modulation & delay modellers are f**kin amazing at recreating all those tones i mentioned above includind lots more new stuff too…

    guitar wise i use a gibson les paul with P90 pickups ( which is where the tone really lies) and a us telecaster (good for the cleaner dino sound)

    hope this helps anyone…

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