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    Hi everybody! I just wanted to share how I was introduced to Dinosaur Jr./J Mascis. I was skateboarding one day listening to a collage radio staion and they played "The Wagon". I was instantly hooked. Then I asked a friend of mine who was really into the Cure if he had heard of them. He said yes and the next day at school gave me the "Just like Heaven" single to borrow along with the EP with "Little Fury Things". From then on I picked up every new release that came out and began hunting for any singles, EP’s and rare imports that I could find. The first time I saw them live was at Lollapalooza ’93. I think my favorite show was when J Mascis + the Fog played at the North Star Bar in Philly a few months ago. The sound was awesome! I had a chance to meet him after the show but I froze. My friend asked him about his setup and my girlfriend asked for his autograph but I couldn’t open my mouth. It seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered or maybe he’s just shy and quiet like me. Oh well maybe next time. Christopher :)


    Bucky Ramone

    Hi Christopher, welcome on board, and enjoy your time here! :D

    J. isn’t known as the greatest communicator in the world :roll: :wink:, had the pleasure of meeting J. myself last year (before his solo acoustic gig at the Melkweg in Amsterdam), and the complete transcript of our conversation can be found here :lol:



    Welcome to the boards Christopher :aliensmile: :mrgreen: 8)



    hey christopher, thanks for the interesting story, and welcome here :D

    yeah, looks like J lets the music do the talking :P :aliensmile: 8)



    [size size=18px]hEY Christopher

    Great Story, thanks 4 sharing
    Had a weird little talk with J last year
    Seems he dont talk that much but the music is beautiful :shock:

    Welcome 2 this wonderfull place
    Hope 2 hear more from u[/size]

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