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    it’s inevitable, on a long enough time line everyone’s survival rate drops to zero. how do you want to go though? with yr boots on? in a free fall? at the bottom of a bottle?
    i’m planning on going out the same way i came in (relax ma)- naked and screaming. perhaps strapped to a large missile aimed at the last panda. i love those little guys.



    I was born naked, and if I time it right, I’ll die naked too.



    I’d say overdose (rock star death method #1) but I can’t handle having chemicals running around me. I’ll go for Rock Star death method #2, horrible motor vehicle accident


    K7 Rides Again

    1)spontaneous combustion…

    2)that, or have my head just explode…

    3)After having lived a very long, prosperous, and happy life…

    I like #3 the best <img>



    as the esteemed winner of the first place darwin award.



    Well I plan on not croaking ever so there <img>

    But if I absolutely have to go would want it to be fast and not to horrifying…painless disintegration ray as seen in Mars Attacks <img>




    The MTV music awards 2078 will be brought to an abrupt halt when a hundred year old madman pulls out the pocket-sized-laser-cannon he has spent all his life constructing -points it at all the music-celebs and bosses and screams REVENGE!!! Then, when his job is done, he turns to the audience. Opens his jacket and shows them the thermo-nuclear-detonator thats hidden there, smiles wickedly, says you people never learn and pulls the trigger.

    That madman is me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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