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    Hey, I recently d/l’d just a LITTLE bit of the pron :oops: , but mostly legel mp3’s, and now something is capping my download speeds at 2.5 +/- kb/s, whereas it usually is around 4.5…

    the last time this happened, msn messenger was the culprit… I ran virus scan, nothing came up, although I havent updated in quite a while; but my main question is how can you tell whats sucking up the download speeds?

    thx, and whoever answers this gets :1 MILLION: bonus points to do WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH… :shock: :P thx



    in command prompt:

    netstat -a

    anything ‘established’ is worth looking into a lil further.



    Habla ingles? :wink:

    I know jack about ‘puters+ i just updated virus scan and its not showing anything, I think its something I did, just cant figger out it could be…

    Also, I did something awhile back that when I run disk cleanup, empty files, now it is always emptying files, even w/out me telling it to… im thinking about going back to a simpler time with system restore and just forgetting about it, but dont know how to backup all the music ive downloaded since then… :cry:



    ok, no worries- there are a bunch of listenings, + 1 established– how do I look a lil further? :lol:

    How do I take a screen shot and show you what it looks like ? all the listenings say foriegn address: a folder of mine… the established says….

    I do love a bit of intrigue!

    I deleted cookies, and it went away… now to see if the download speeds improve… off to freesofree!

    Fuck.. no improvement to speak of, no viruses….?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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