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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has made a guitar on their own, or at least modded one and has been happy with the outcome.

    I made a strat not too long ago, and it looks cool and is really comfortable to play. Only the tone is fucking atrocious :lol:



    i modd all my american strats :wink:
    i remove all pots to get the hottest pickup signal to that 1st pre amp tube, which to me is the most important link in a signal chain!
    s 8)



    I build my own guitars… mostly Tele-style (my avatar is one of them).

    I also have several other guitars (including a few Strats) that I’ve modded… some several times because I wasn’t happy with the result and had to try again. Over the years (and a lot of experimenting) I’ve gotten much better at figuring out what I need to do to get the result I’m looking for, though.

    One thing… I don’t build necks. I tried 2, and both came out terrible. Much better to hand over some $$$ to Warmoth or WD and get your neck from someone who knows what they’re doing!




    Heres a really bad pic of it. I wish I knew what made it sound so bad, I’ve played guitars with EMGs before and they didnt sound like this. But yea, there it is.[/list]



    ive been helping my uncle with a firebird style guitar and lol ive put a mustang bridge on my jazzmaster been think about putting a jaguar pickup in the middle position mybe


    Randy Jane

    Uh, yeah…..I make guitars. So far I’ve made like…….eh…..five bodies. I’ve reconstructed my Cortez Les Paul copy from the 70’s. It was a bolt on but now it’s a set neck, I made the new heel out of baltic birch. Lutherie is fun for now. I want to get more into it though with better gear and make amps, pedals, and…..stuff. My dad wants me to make him a bass but I havent found the right wood yet. I made my friend a mosrite copy body, but I think he is going to put a lefty strat neck on it. I made the same one for myself but made it semi hollow with a maple leaf sound hole……..looks good, but I’m no Canadian…..hi Allison! I did make a head out of an old Park combo, then took the combo cab and turned it into a cab. The head looks nice but is only like 20 or 25 watts. I wish is was louder, it sounds great for an IC amp. But, yeah….I’m into building and remodeling guitars now….along with playing. I just got a ’67 reissue Epiphone V and it’s now my favorite guitar that I own, (which is only like 14 or 15 I think…not including the bodies). I would like to eventually build J a guitar, but I don’t know what kind to build or at what specs…..or if I should even try (I just started)…..I dont know. You can just tell me if you want one J…haha. Just email me….or send me a message on F.S. I’d also like to meet you, and maybe jam a little…..Randy Jane needs to open for you at LEAST one time. Bye all…..R.J.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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