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    hi, i’m squeapler who runs the unofficial cobra verde forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cobraverde and goes to a lot of the Verde shows. I know some of the folks on this board already from forums for bands like Songs: Ohia, Mike Watt and GBV, and I’ve been stopping by for a while but wasn’t able to register till now.

    Regarding J: I was a big Dino Jr. fan in the early 90s and saw them do a great live set at a Lollapalooza, although I didn’t keep up with J’s work much post-Dino, mostly because I was going to school full time and recuperating from very bad back injuries (twice) so I wasn’t keeping up with any music during the mid-to-late 90s. but the last few years I started to get back into going to shows and stuff, so here I am. I am from Cleveland originally and very excited to see my homeboys Cobra Verde doing stuff with J. Unfortunately I missed the J/ Verde shows a couple months back because I couldn’t get away from work that week to travel to a show. But hopefully there will be some more in the future, and we have J’s record to look forward to. I also would like to express my gratitude to the people who run the fileshares affiliated with this site through which I was able to hear recordings of the live J stuff I missed. hopefully I’ll be able to contribute something back.
    meanwhile anyone who likes Cobra Verde is welcome to check out the CV Yahoo group and yeah, post something over there, I am always desperate for traffic besides myself <img>

    thanks for listening to me blather!
    j love & verde love
    – squeapler



    hi squeapler, welcome on the boards! <img>
    Fine, that the registration for new members is working again (it was disabled the last weeks).
    Hope you will have some fun here. Gonna check out your CV-yahoo-group later <img>

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    Welcome to the boards! <img>




    Welcome to this secret place
    Hope u like it here
    & if u want to know anything just ask
    We’re not that Freaky

    Its wonderfull that we have so many beautiful new members lately, that will make my day <img>



    Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on being member 1 2 3 4, if that was me I’d never forget it, well still new, in fact much newer than you by the sounds of it but welcome,

    Ash Raven.



    heh, i couldn’t believe that 1234 was really my number at first! thanks for all the nice welcomes folks, and "if i was yr girlfriend", i love your usericon btw!



    hEY Squeapler

    Thank God Im not alone
    Silent Hill is a weird place to live
    Im scared <img>



    Btw are u on the yahoo mailinglist for Songs Ohia
    Just curious



    Hey, Silent Hill looks like a pretty place to live, to me. I like good music but apart from that I could do with more silence and peace and quiet in my life. I’m still on the songs: ohia list but under one of my other accounts, and I haven’t had time to visit it or post in a while although I just dl’ed that Songs Ohia live show that someone had on the web (still need to listen to it). My friend was really into them so he got me to come see them in fall 2001 at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, and I liked their live show and some Napster tracks I got ("Being in Love" is my favorite one so far). I also got one of their CD releases in trade from someone but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. I want to get more into their stuff but Jason puts out so much and a lot of it’s limited release so I need to take time, sit down and get more upclose and personal with it and LISTEN to it.




    Beware of Freakscene, though.. I think Jeremiah and crew have placed virtiual heroin in the board. <img> I am spending more and more time on here..

    I guess I should introduce myself as well, even though i have been floating in and out since April. I to was a huge Dinosaur fan in the early 90’s.. Missed the KROQ acoustic show in 94(?) et.al.. Drugs are bad, especially the powdery ones. (reason why I missed all the shows – I was not part of this space/time continuum).




    hey there carl, thanks for saying hello. oh yeah i know these discussions are so addictive but it’s good addictive as opposed to the other kind.

    btw i registered at songsohiamailinglist as "myself" now so i can post there too <img>

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