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    New to the Board, but not new to the ways of the Jay… Been a huge fan for over a decade now… I’m from Ireland, so I’ll probably be posting while most of you are asleep… Is there any other Irish on this here Board?
    Looking forward to some good chat….




    Hey Omo,

    Welcome to the boards, looking forward to talking about J and anything else you want to bring to the boards as well <img>

    Some very cool people here…all having something in common with you…J and the love of music. Definitely have a few members from Ireland, I’m Irish/Canadian so… <img> Hope you get to meet a couple J fans from your part of the world.

    If you have any problems getting around let us know, have fun!

    Allison <img>



    hEY Omo

    Welcome here



    Welcome to the boards Omo <img>
    Alan Coughlan is from Ireland,have`nt seen him around here recently but he`ll problably be around here at some point.



    hi there, I am not from Ireland but I am very proud to be Irish-American. welcome! <img>



    Am at least half Irish myself in descent. Welcome to this information free for all.




    I have not a drop of Irish in me, but I have a few freckles! Can I be an honorary??





    Hey omo,
    Im pritty Irish. well thats what some of my friends say anyways!
    later trav



    sheesh, all those stars from just the one post???
    Nice one. Feeling purty welcome…

    Theres probably noone awake on the bord right now is there?

    Sonic Youth played a festival here in Ireland yesterday, I couldent go cos I had to work (fuckin saturday and all), on my way home I get a call on my mobile phone from my best mate who went to the gig, and I hear Thurstin Moores Voice thanking the croud! Then my friends voice shouting "we just watched sonic youths entire set from the side of thestage!" then he got cut off… Later on they hung out backstage… I could have been there! Instead I had to work… I’m feeling very depressed… very, v e r y depressed…


    <small>[ 07-14-2002, 09:07 AM: Message edited by: omo ]</small>



    aw geez! that’s too bad about the Sonic Youth show. I actually saw them back when they played crummy little dive bars rather than big shows…I remember seeing Kim changing in this crappy little broom closet behind the "stage" (ha what a joke) because the door wouldn’t shut all the way…this was a ta club called the COMPLEX in Wash DC that closed down very shortly thereafter. anyway I hope you get to hang out backstage at the next show. I am bummed out today myself over a death in the extended family and I was hoping to hang out with a friend who is in town, but his schedule turned out to be booked up…so I am with you in your depression! Hope we both have some better times in the future.



    Hey Omo
    I`m awake,it`s 10:30 in the morning here on the east coast of Canada.
    Too bad you missed SY <img> maybe you`ll catch them again next time,not too many bands come here,it`s a real drag,SY once played an art school here back in the early 80`s,they were really experimental back then and people who saw it said it was really bad <img> I was too young then to know who SY was so I did`nt see it,I don`t think they ever came back here since.
    -Salami(who`s not Irish but is English/Scottish/Portugeuse/Norwegian?/Swedish?/Aboriginal/French/Canadian hybrid <img> )


    Bucky Ramone

    That sucks, missing SY because of work…. I saw them a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam and they rocked!

    Welcome on the board from holland as well!

    (ps. hey, O’AntiPOP is here again, Sláinte! <img> )



    What pisses me off the most, is that I’ve NEVER seen SY live!! Every single time they have played here somthing has come up… and this time I could have been standing in the same stage! Grrr
    They played in Cork (city where I’m from, southern Ireland) about 13 years ago, I’m just flown back from a summer in the US… I asked my mother to wake me for the show (I had to sleep, I was jettlagged to fucK) I awoke at 3am… my mum said I looked to peaceful to wake!! aagh!!
    This was the gig where Kurt Cobain famously slept through SY’s entire set on the steps to the stage… in a small club called sir henrys… a few months later, Nirvana released THAT single, and the rest as they say is history…
    I think about a year or so later, there was a huge tour with Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and a few others Documented in a movie called "The year that Punk broke", a brilliant film, anyone see the movie or any of these shows (theres a cool bit where Thurstin Moore talks to a crazy scooter guy on O Connell bridge in Dublin)


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