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    just to let you know i survived to the tonsils surgery… even if i am feeling pretty sick now and that it hurts a lot…




    pooooooooor sophie, thanks for the update !!!! hope the pains will be away veryvery soon!

    …but from now on, things will only get better [img]http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/biggrin3.gif[/img]



    thank you :D

    i just took a very scary picture of the deepy part of my mouth…
    an unlucky freakscene member got the bad chance to receive it :lol:



    yeah, that was the scariest picture ever!
    and it caught me completely off guard :D
    oh well, I guess I’ll be able to eat and sleep in a couple of days…



    Good to hear you survived it Sophie :) happy ice cream eating :aliensmile:


    fata morgana

    Hey Sophie,

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you recover quickly! :shock: 8) :D



    all the best for a speedy recovery … :aliensmile:



    Take care, remember pain medication is a good thing :!:



    i am gutted, i was feeling not so bad when i wrote this message to you guys and this morning when i woke up my throat was so swollen that i could hardly talk. and now it really does hurt a lot :cry:

    well, i try to bring cheer myself up thinking that i will feel lighter now that i am tonsilless… :roll:

    anyway, thanks a lot for all the nice replies !
    smootches to you all, beloved freakscene people :mrgreen:



    I once had wisdom tooth/jawbone surgeries, and it was a lot of pain the next day, but 2 days or so after the surgery, the pain really decreased rapidly. I hope you’re now over the worst of it !!! :!: and like Coma Girl said, don’t forget the painkillers!

    oh, and how’s the handbag making going? :D



    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you Sophie!!! :D

    I don’t know if Asheton Specials count as pain killers, but I’d bet they’d at least sterilize something. :mrgreen: On second thought, maybe we ought to wait a little while before we prescribe those… :twisted:



    pain isn’t fun, unless it is, but then it’s something else entirely; surgury is serious stuff, so i’m happy to hear you survived and hope your recovery is short and sweet, like a lollipop. smiles and good wishes :) :D 8) :mrgreen:



    hey flying cloud, i really improved the bag making !
    well, i had nothing else to do he he

    i will make sure it matches that cherry dresses i will get right after i land in LA and i bought today amazing shoes with cherries too.

    don’t think i’m fine cause i do shopping. shopping is just surviving in my case :oops: :lol:

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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