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    Randy Jane


    does this thing work like this?


    Randy Jane

    heck no it dont. how does I put dem piktiors up ere?


    Randy Jane

    no one?

    Just want to show a couple pics on here….but don’t know how.
    Also, what are the size requirements?
    Thank you….R.J.



    1st u have to upload them to a hosting site, like photobucket
    Thats a Free hosting site & works great
    Then u can share them here

    think the size requirements is 600/480, but Im not sure

    If u have more questions please let me know
    Good luck



    with the new board you can attach (which will upload them to the server and create thumbnails) the pictures right into your post. :) Using this method will all people to click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version and also keep count of how many people view it that way.
    No need to even host them elsewhere if you don’t want too.

    We will have another image gal very soon.



    just click on the pcturi i con and insert the web address
    like so



    Randy Jane


    work this time?


    Randy Jane

    hey wow……I’m really large in this pic. Ok, so…..I havent checked this thread in a while sorry for bringing it back up. This is me now (not in 2003…the cam wasn’t dated right). The pink haired girl is of course my wife Heidi.

    As of today (Sept.20th) we have been married for 2 years and have been together for 3 years. Our first date was on September 20th at a fifty-days burger shop. We listened to Beatles medleys, and talked to a guy who actually got to see the Beatles play live! A year later to the day we were married. Yay. On our first anniversary, we found out just how bad one year old cake is…thought about saving the rest for this year…..but it was bad enough, so it was trashed. Also coming up: this Christmas is my 13th year of playing guitar. Yahoo!



    fata morgana

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world, RJ! :)



    Happy anniversary RJ and Heidi :)


    Randy Jane

    Heh……hey Fata, I had a band practice Sunday and we played that song. That was probably THE best practice I’ve ever had….though I wont admit that to my band, hehe. We played the song "Inhale" which is the theme to my movie idea.."Inhale" and that was without a doubt the best guitar performance I’ve ever done and NO recording!!!! I think that was the fastest my fingers have ever gone and no note was wrong…..it was wonderfull, I wasn’t there…I was off in my own little world and it was great. I need to do that more often.

    SG….thank you. The money situation is tight as I now owe the bank like $203 because im -$23 with 6 ovedraft fees of $30 each >:( so no going out for our anniversary (we were going to celebrate this friday when I get paid…..but after paying that and my Bronco payment…..I’ll have like $20 left for gas for two weeks. My grandparents gave us some money today and we went out to eat…so we were happy. It’s been a good day though. I made the body of a flying v for the guitar Arrianna (my niece) is going to use for Halloween, (she’s going as Buckethead!!!!…her idea, I love this kid) I’ll have to post pics of her.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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