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    Lucky 7

    Hi, I’m from Canada, where it’s cold, crazy, and boring. Nice to see so many Canadians here. Maybe we will all meet up, if J. decides to have concerts here. Anyways, hi to all of you!!!


    expect nothing

    Hi, Have loots of fun here :mrgreen:



    has J ever played in Canada ?



    Hey Lucky 7,

    Definitely cold & crazy right now where I am as well…but thats Canada :shock: Welcome to the site, hope to see you around…and I do mean a Fog gig as well as this board if they ever come back to Canada :aliensmile:

    Anthony J has come to Canada with both Dinosaur Jr & The Fog. Not sure about solo though, not that I can remember but I could be wrong. Last time they were in Canada was 2001 I think, they played Toronto, Vancouver (he may have done a 2002 show in Vancouver as well) & possibly Montreal. There are a lot of fans outside those three areas :wink: Of course we all have our fingers crossed he’ll cross the border at some point soon, I think its a little too cold for him here now :shock: :aliensmile: :wink:




    Welcome to the boards Lucky 7 :mrgreen: :aliensmile:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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