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    Been some shows lately & its killing us not knowing how they went… <img> <img> <img>

    So if any info is out there on the Kansas, Denver or Seattle shows….post it or you may be responsible for chaos & mayhem beyond control <img> <img>

    We have temporarily put registration on hold on the bbs, if you’re not registered and have some info you can reach us at…

    [email][email protected].net[/email]

    We can help post the info for all to check out <img>

    You’re not gonna make us beg are you <img>


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    Was at the show in Seattle last night. Great show…a good number of people showed up to support the ol’ dinosaur. My one quip is that J only played about 3 verses of The Lung and abandoned the rest of the song! No big deal, the rest of the gig was great. A couple new songs were played (not sure of the titles), Every Mother’s Son, and a great variety of all the favorite jewels….Repulsion, Little Fury Things, The Wagon, Get Me, Keeblin’…..etc etc…
    And lets not forget Mike Johnson’s wonderful set as well.
    Sorry folks, I have no pics to post, but cameras were flashing all night…..
    and that’s my two cents



    Thanks for the review Inkling <img>



    Hey Inkling,

    Thanks for the info, I had forgotten completely about Mike Johnson opening the show <img> No doubt it was thrilling!!! Pretty thrilled about J playing a couple new songs as well, one of them is called Everybody Let Me Down, great song no doubt about it. Not sure about the other one thou, fingers crossed someone taped it, hoping some of those pics turn up as well…of both J and M!!!

    Thanks <img>




    I was at the show too…I enjoyed it but not nearly as much as the last couple (non-acoustic) shows.
    J wasn’t very talkative (but is he ever?! stupid thing to say i guess). also walked right past him on the street and gave him a big smile which he ignored like he did at the last show when i saw him by the bathrooms. Hope I don’t sound like a whiner or anything, just trying to share the details. I appreciated Mike’s set but it almost put me to sleep. I think I was just in a more ‘rockin’ mood last night…and I was also quite drunk. <img>
    so there you go.



    Hey Staingirl,

    Thanks for the info, fingers crossed when J releases his new stuff (hopefully in the fall) a sonic full band tour follows <img>

    Allison <img>

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