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    if this isnt already everywhere, the big news is this: dinosaur jr did NOT reunite, but in a brilliant & completely unexpected move they DID reunite DEEP WOUND for a song after sebadoh and j mascis had performed. most people were incredibly confused, but it was an excellent performance.



    Cool. Who all played in Deep Wound?



    wow :shock: you folks who were there: please tell us more !!!



    It was honestly the best show I’ve ever been to. J got a standing ovation, and rightfully so.



    I didn’t know who the hell that fat guy was, but J was on drums and they fucking rocked. I only just now found out that was Deep Wound. I wish I knew what song that was. Maybe someone will post video/mp3s from the show last night. If they already have, then I hope to God that part is on there.



    from the sounds of it we will have access to sound & video from the show in the near future, keep checking back… :aliensmile:

    info on Deep Wound…

    DEEP WOUND 1982-1984

    Lou Barlow – Guitar
    Scott Helland – Bass
    Charlie Nakajima – Vocals
    J. Mascis – Drums

    Along with Outpatients, Deep Wound was one of the seminal hardcore bands from Western Ma; formed in early 1982 by highschool buddies Lou Barlow and Scott Helland. The two put a flyer up in Amherst, Ma looking for a drummer who could play super fast beats, J Mascis answered the ad and brought his friend Charlie to sing. Those raging fast beats and comical snarled vocals can be found on their classic 7" ep put out in 1983 on Radio Beat Records (yeah the one with slugs in an ice cream cone on the cover… Scott and Lou collected ’em behind a hospital in Westfield Ma!). They also had 2 songs on the "Bands that could be god" compilation from 1984. The band did most of their shows in New England, with Western Ma and Boston bands like PSD, and the FU’s. After their split in ’84 J and Lou went on to form Dinosaur Jr and later Lou formed the bands Sebadoh and Folk Implosion. J now plays with J Mascis and the Fog. Scott continued with Outpatients until their split in 1995 and since 1996 he has put out 5 solo CDs of atmospheric guitar instrumentals! Charlie played in the band Gobblehoof for several years. If you can find the Deep Wound reissue CD or the 7" ep, grab’em, they’re worth it!




    BTW, I missed most of J’s set even though I was flying down the Pike like the maniac that I am. I was there just in time to catch him sitting in the middle of the stage under soft lighting with a girl on flute playing "Thumb" and then a blistering acoustic/electric rendition of "Alone." I got to meet him after the show. I like to think I’m a pretty cool person, but goddammit, I was fucking awestruck. I probably came off like a total idiot. He was sweet, though, and he signed my "Start Choppin" CD single cover and we got a pic together. I’m framing the ticket, the CD cover, and the pic.
    BTW, I’m a rabid Sonic Youth fan, too, and they rocked the roof offa that place. Played a lotta new stuff from their upcoming "Nurse" album, "Rain On Tin" from Murray Street, Mote (leading into another song from Murray Street–I think, and Drunk Butterfly. During Drunk Butterfly, Kim was jumping around like a psycho, twirling around like a tornado. During the very first song, Thurston threw his guitar up in the air in a moment of musical passion and it took a while to revive the thing. The whole experience was amazing. No other word for it.