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    vinyl geek

    So I may be interviewing J. for a local indie magazine this weekend at a show. Does anyone have anything they’d like me to ask? Any good questions? Thanks much.



    if you were stuck on a deserted island, with your choice of either britney spears or christina aguilera, who would you choose ?



    God, what a choice to have to make :shock: :wink:

    I’d like to know…

    How’s the rebuilding of Bobs place going

    Are you touring in June, is it with The Fog or acoustic

    Any live J Mascis & The Fog or Tribute To The Stooges material coming out sometime soon

    Any thought of putting together a DVD of your videos

    The reissues of early Dinosaur Jr & Deep Wound are slated to be released in the summer….any hints as to the bonus tracks…

    Good luck with the interview, hope you post it here… :aliensmile:


    vinyl geek

    Thanks for your input, I’ll be sure to post the interview here.


    vinyl geek

    (what’s "Bob’s place"?)



    hey, vinyl geek so cool that you have the chance to interview J & so nice to involve us beforehand 8) definitely looking forward to the results :P :mrgreen: :!:

    here are some questions:

    of course we want to know everything about his new Cobra Verde ‘membership’ & his touring plans with CV

    another question is about his burnt out home studio, Bob’s Place, about the damage, which instruments they could save, and how he gets along with the consequences, e.g. if he’s recording any new material these days

    any projects with other musicians?

    Which records is he listening to these days?

    … and many of us are wondering if he checks FreakScene.net occasionally, and what he thinks of it :D


    vinyl geek

    Thanks for your help. I should have some photos also, I’ll try to either post them here (I’m not sure if I can) or link you to another site.



    I might ask him on Friday anyway but ask if he has had a chance to mess around with the TZF we bought him and what he thinks of it. also curious if the White Plexi and sparkle esquire are toast from the fire.



    I guess the best thing is to come up with questions and there are some topics which seem to interest him much, then he’s willing to talk a lot about, so it could be great to see what he’s got to say before hopping to the next question too fast.

    For example J was/ is very interested in political issues, especially how personal freedom has been cut down after 09/11, while patriotism increased (that’s why his latest record is called ‘Free so Free’) and so he might be interested to talk about the current situation/ the war in Iraq.

    another topic he has been very interested in, were the Stooges Tribute shows which he did with the original Stooges members Ron&Scott Asheton and with former Minutemen/fIREHOSE bass player Mike Watt, and how these shows seemed to turn Iggy Pop’s interest on doing some real Stooges reunion activities with Ron, Scott and Mike Watt 8)

    Sometimes J seems to just think about what to say for a while and maybe these frustrated journalists just didn’t wait until he was ready to talk about a question before they asked the next one?

    Anyway, I wish you a great time with the interview and of course at the show!
    Pics and show reviews are always VERY appreciated here, too! :D :mrgreen:



    hey ammaringnyc, have a great time!
    I’m very interested in how he likes the TZF pedal :D would be cool to find out!


    expect nothing

    *****Any thought of putting together a DVD of your videos?*****

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



    To completely reiterate what others, especially Valentine Frankenstein, have already said. I would definitely ask him:

    Are there ever going to be any live Fog recording released? While he was touring for More Light didn’t he (or Watt) say that they were recording some of their shows.

    If they are not going to be released is it possible if they come out via on the internet either through the Ultimatum Music webpage, freesofree.net, freakscene.net or even possible a mp3 pay site such as emusic.com. I know the Apples in Stereo release of live cd through emusic.com

    What is the latest on the re-releases? Are the additional/ bonus tracks going to be live, demos, b-sides or completely unreleased material?

    Is their going to be a tour this summer?

    Is a DVD of videos (live and/or promos) possible?

    OK, I know everyone of those has been mentioned already but that is what I would ask too.



    here’s what i need to know: is he still in contact with mike johnson, the greatest bassist ever? was it an amicable split in ’97? what does j think of MJ’s last amazing solo album?
    also, does he realize or even care that there are people out there obsessed with his music, people like me who will be driving 4 hours alone to brooklyn this friday nite, after battling a blizzard last month to see him in hoboken? when he returns from australia, any more fog shows (he never came to providence or conn. on this tour)??

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- and i’m sure he’ll have no interest in this, but is there a reason why he doesnt play certain songs live anymore? he has not played start choppin live since lolla 93, and i cant die a happy man until i see it live.


    "vinyl geek" wrote:
    Thanks for your help. I should have some photos also, I’ll try to either post them here (I’m not sure if I can) or link you to another site.

    You can definitely post your pics here, we have an album full of live pics people have posted. If you need any help with that let us know. Looking forward to the interview, good luck with it & enjoy the show :!:

    Album/Pic’s 8)




    boy ! i totally missed this topic … how did that happen ?? guess i’ve been a bit busy lately … although most of the burning questions i have were already mentioned above (especially the possiblility of a dvd/video release) i would have liked to have known some stuff about his cover art as well … it’s always been pretty cool … but anyhow …

    maybe it’s too early to ask, but how did the interview go ??

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