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    I play a heavy guitar for long periods of time and I get a sore back and shoulder. I’m looking for a new guitar that is very light and preferably also has a good sound and a long neck. So far I like the Gibson Melody Maker. Do you know of any guitars that would be even lighter? THanks




    If you’re talking Gibsons, the SG weighs practically nothing…

    Also, semi-hollow bodies are pretty lite if you like them.

    …and as always, you can’t go wrong with a Tele. :wink:


    Randy Jane

    Light Teles? New one to me Matt :wink:

    You could buy a new guitar, or you could just get a new strap maybe? My Thunderbird (bass) weighs quite a bit, but it has a wide strap on it, so the weight is proportioned well. Sg’s are very light, Mosrites…..what are you using now?

    I have a few guitars, and all of them are fairly light, I have had the back woahs with the les paul and tele. My strat is light….there are tons of light…good guitars out there. The Melody Maker is recomended by J. Mascis you know.



    Tele’s ain’t Les Paul heavy by any stretch… Besides, I just meant exactly what I said… You can’t go wrong with a Tele. Hands down, they’re probably my favorite electric guitars. 8)

    I bet the thin-line Teles are lighter, but I’ve never tried them. My boss plays one, I’ll ask him.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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