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    …um, if I can. I’m looking for decent copies of ‘Blah,’ the live version of ‘Post,’ and, most importantly, ‘Better than Gone.’ Oh, and the Kiss and Byrds tribute songs, too. I’m kind of looking for high-ish quality mp3s. I’ve got the following to offer:

    -‘Fuzzy Blast’ bootleg (transferred from vinyl to CD)

    -pretty much all of the weird European and Asian versions of all of the major label singles, and thus, all the b-sides and acoustic versions, etc.

    -Gas, Food, Lodging tracks (which, I might add, were recorded really quiet, so I boosted them quite a bit at my studio).

    A double 7" which claims to be April 1993 Peel sessions. The track listing is: ‘Get Me,’ ‘Noon at Dawn,’ ‘Hide,’ and ‘Keeblin.’ I think you can find everything but ‘Noon at Dawn’ (which Mike Johnson sings) and ‘Hide’ on the ‘In Session’ CD. ‘Hide’ is electric/acoustic, with some kettle drum thrown in there. ‘Noon at Dawn’ is full band.

    Another 7" which claims it’s a Peel Session from 5/22/89. The track listing is ‘Budge,’ ‘No Bones,’ and ‘Chunks.’ I think you can get ‘Budge’ and ‘No Bones’ on the ‘In Session CD’ too. (That’s the only Dino CD I don’t have.) This version of ‘No Bones’ has a xylophone or vibraphone or something like that under the guitar solo…so if that’s what’s on the ‘In Session’ CD, well then, this is that one.

    I’ve transferred all of the boots to CD, and cleaned them up the best I could. I don’t think I really have anything ‘rare’ except for ‘Noon at Dawn’ and ‘Hide,’ but if you want ’em, I’ve got ’em.

    I have a lot of the boots that are on freesofree, or at least, a lot of the ones that I think are great (I already owned most of the ones that were originally available on CD). So if we’re doing a CD trade, I’ll copy everything I’ve got for you and save you the trouble of downloading. (yeah, I know, it’s a lot of trouble, right?)

    As far as I know, I have most of everything else, so if there’s something else that’s puportedly rare, I’ll be happy to trade. (Actually, even if you have nothing to trade, I’m happy to share.)

    If anybody can turn me on to any of this stuff, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!



    It’s funny, I only have the first 7" from that Peel Session, the one with "Noon At Dawn" and "Get Me" on it.

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