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    J asked me to pass this on….

    We are looking for some tunes for the possible inclusion on Dino reissues.

    If you have something for this let us know!!!



    > [email protected] <

    *** We are also looking for vintage Posters, good Video as well as good boots. ***



    What do you mean? Our songs, bootlegs. What type of songs?



    Oh I didn’t see the top. I have jayloumurph, only internet stuff. Has he looked at freesofree.net. Also what about buying merch online, how is that going?



    there is a number of Dino shows out of the 80’s on the FTP sites here and also on FreeSoFree.net, but I could imagine that J’s searching not exactly for mp3’s… :? :?:

    What format is he looking for?

    great plan, though, hope some material will show up :P
    looking forward to the reissues :D :!:


    expect nothing

    that sounds like a nice bit of bonus stuff for the reissues :D. I’m really looking forward to them too :!: :mrgreen: Afraid i only have the freesofree shows, but it would be great if something new showed up.



    That would be really cool if there was like a live disc with each reissue. 8)



    i’ve got a live registration of a show that DINOSAUR Jr did live in N.Y.C. for torino radio in the 1988….

    there are the songs :

    IN A JAR

    if you need it… i could send it in some ways… don’t know how much time it will make to arrive from italy to u.s.a. or if you want i can upload it somewhere where every body could download it… :)




    hey Sonicmax, the setlist looks similar to JayLouMurph (also this one has been said to be recorded in NYC for an Italian radio station …)

    Interesting question, if it would be possible to include tracks of live bootleg records on the reissues, as these records were printed (and sold) without royalties for the band :? :?:

    but of course it’s great when everyone comes up with the recordings they own to offer them for the reissues, so thanks a lot :)



    I have even other various songs live but that i found on internet like… feel the pain.. over your shoulder.. the covers of sweet child of mine and just like heaven.. the lung and blowing it acoustic… little fury things acoustic.. sure not over you… don’t know if they could be usefull… MAX.



    i’ve rat’s boston 1985/04/03 CDa(not mp3)with "show me the way"
    i think it’s the only one live with this song(i’m not realy sure)
    and some 1987/1988/1989/1991 etc…(no mp3 too)
    see my list: phishhook.com/lists/sebroll



    I have the following early dino shows that will be mangled by this formatting:

    04/03/1985 Boston, MA -The Rat 45:00 AUD T-? VG+
    06/18/1987 Charlotte, NC -Milestone 45:00 AUD T-? VG+
    06/??/1987 Morgantown, WV -Underground RR 55:00 SBD T-? 8+
    09/20/1987 Richmond, VA -Rockitz (Tribute.) 45:00 ??? CD-1 VG+
    10/23/1987 Vera, Holland -Gronigen 45:00 SBD T-? VG+
    10/30/1987*i Deventer, HOL -Burgerweeschuis 45:00 AUD T-? 8++
    11/12/1987 Frankfurt, GER -Batschkapp 45:00 ??? T-1 VG
    12/12/1987*w Naugatuck, CT -Night Shift 54:00 AUD T-? 8- (band brawl!)
    01/09/1988 Hoboken, NJ -Maxwell’s ~45:00 AUD T-1 8+ (not bad)
    ??/??/1988 Los Angeles, CA (Slop) 48:00 SBD CD-0 EX-
    09/17/1988 Hoboken, NJ -Maxwell’s ~45:00 SBD? T-? 9-
    10/05/1988 VPRO, Netherlands (Radio Rucus!) 10:00 FM LP-0 EX-
    10/13/1988 Brussels, Belgium 70:00 AUD T-2 VG+
    10/14/1988 Leeds, UK 45:00 AUD T-? 8
    10/17/1988 London, UK -Astoria 45:00 AUD T-? 7
    10/25/1988 Bonn, GER -Biskuithalle 45:00 SBD T-1 VG+
    11/14/1988 Peel Sessions 15:00 FM CD-0 EX+
    ??/??/1989 Part II of Charlie Christian CD 30:00 AUD CD-1 9-
    01/24/1989 Fort Apache (Quest 7") 15:00 FM LP-0 EX-
    02/18/1989 NYC, NY (JayLouMurph) 55:00 SBD CD-0 EX-
    03/02/1989 New Orleans, LA -Jimmy’s 70:00 AUD T-? VG+
    03/23/1989 Kershaw Show (same as 1/24/1989) 5:00 FM CD-0 EX+
    03/27/1989 Columbia, MO -Blue Note 71:00 SBD T-1 10-
    03/27/1989 Columbia, MO (Die Barney Die 7") 10:00 SBD LP-0 EX-
    03/31/1989 Toronto, ONT 45:00 AUD T-? VG+
    04/28/1989 London, UK 55:00 AUD T-2 8- (some hiss)
    04/29/1989*c Manchester, UK 65:00 AUD T-2 8- (some hiss)
    05/11/1989 Allston, MA -Bunratty’s 45:00 AUD T-? 8-
    05/12/1989 Cal State -Nugget Center 45:00 AUD T-? EX-
    05/13/1989 Hollywood, CA -JAF Theater 40:00 AUD T-? VG+
    05/22/1989 Peel Sessions (What the Fuck 7") 15:00 FM LP-0 EX
    –/–/1990 Green Mind Demos 45:00 STU DAT-? VG+

    Those are from tape trading back in the day, not MP3 sourced stuff. I think some of the stuff I sent to Jeremiah to encode circa 1997 :)

    In addition, I have an old trader pal of mine that I could probably get these shows from if they’re for reissue purposes:

    Dinosaur Jr Rat, Boston 4/03/1985 40 VG AU >CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Maxwells, Hoboken NJ 7/07/1985 45 EX- AU T2>CDcm
    Dinosaur Jr ?? Holland ??/??/1985 30 VG+ AU I
    Dinosaur Jr Papa Gio’s, Milwaukee 7/16/1986 40 VG+ AU T2>CDR Oct.02
    Dinosaur Jr Amhearst MA (rehearsal) ??/??/1986 30 VG+ AU VID3
    Dinosaur Jr Milestone, Charlotte NC 6/18/1987 40 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Rockitz, Richmond VA 9/20/1987 40 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Welsleyen University, Middletown 10/10/1987 65 VG+ AU >CDR Oct.02
    Dinosaur Jr Vera, Gronigen NL 10/23/1987 65 EX- SB >CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Doornroosje, Nijmeegen 11/01/1987 61 EX- AU >CDR Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Modernes, Bremen 11/04/1987 35 VG AU D3-2>CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Batschkapp, Frankfurt 11/12/1987 40 VG SB
    Dinosaur Jr Zeche, Bochum 11/13/1987 25 VG+ AU D3-1>CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Zeche, Bochum 11/13/1987 41 VG+ AU D3-1>C Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Underground Recs, Morgantown WV ??/??/1987 60 VG+ SB
    Dinosaur Jr Maxwells, Hoboken NJ 1/08/1988 40 VG+ AU T2
    Dinosaur Jr Drexel Uni, Philadelphia 5/14/1988 40 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Maxwells, Hoboken NJ 9/17/1988 45 EX- AU
    Dinosaur Jr VPRO-FM, Netherlands 10/05/1988 10 VG+ FM LP0>CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Leeds Poly 10/14/1988 40 EX- AU
    Dinosaur Jr Astoria, London 10/17/1988 40 VG AU >CDR Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Astoria, London (No Freakscene bo10/17/1988 35 VG+ AU LP0>CD Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 10/18/1988 60 VG AU T2
    Dinosaur Jr Biskuithalle, Bonn 10/25/1988 40 EX- SB T2>CDR Oct.02
    Dinosaur Jr Peel Session 11/08/1988 15 VG+ FM LP0>CD Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Slop, LA ??/??/1988 45 VG+ SB CD1
    Dinosaur Jr Fort Apache, Amherst MA (Kershaw 1/24/1989 20 VG+ FM
    Dinosaur Jr Bunratty’s, Allston MA 2/05/1989 45 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Rockitz, Richmond VA 2/17/1989 30 VG- AU
    Dinosaur Jr Ritz, NYC (Jayloumurph) 2/18/1989 52 EX- SB CD0
    Dinosaur Jr Jimmy’s, New Orleans 3/02/1989 70 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Blue Note, Columbia MO 3/22/1989 65 EX- SB T2
    Dinosaur Jr Lee’s Palace, Toronto 3/31/1989 45 VG+ AU
    Dinosaur Jr Gothic Theatre, Denver 3/??/1989 50 VG AU CDR
    Dinosaur Jr Powerhaus, London 4/27/1989 55 VG+ AU >CDR Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Powerhaus, London 4/28/1989 55 VG++AU T3
    Dinosaur Jr ?, Manchester 4/29/1989 55 VG AU T3
    Dinosaur Jr Portsmouth Poly, Portsmouth 5/05/1989 65 VG+ AU >cdr Sep.02
    Dinosaur Jr Nuggett, Cal State 5/12/1989 45 EX- AU >CDR Oct.02
    Dinosaur Jr JAF Theatre, Hollywood 5/13/1989 35 VG++AU M>CDR Oct.02
    Dinosaur Jr Peel Session 5/22/1989 15 EX AU LP1
    Dinosaur Jr Corner Hotel, Melbourne 10/08/1989 65 VG AU CDR Oct.02

    Jeremiah, if you can pass that along to J, I can CD-ize anything you need me to. That is alll. I think my ‘Slop’ CD is missing in action. Does anyone know Ben in Colorado? He has my slop CD!

    I also have a partial Mp3 of ‘sweet child o mine’ that Dino did, but I don’t think they could afford the licensing fees from Axl ;)




    W O W :!: what a list :!: :!: :!: (& also not to forget about sebroll’s cool offer)
    would be cool to have some of the really rare live tracks included on the reissues 8)

    hey jamclark, thanks also for having parts of your collection encoded & shared, appreciate it very much :D


    expect nothing

    That list is amaazing :aliensmile: :!:



    dude, what are the chances of you and your buddy uploading the ark onto freesofree.net? :wink:



    the ark…

    that would be cool

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